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IBM watsonx Assistant: Integrations

For a virtual assistant to reach its full potential and deliver personalized and effective experiences, it needs to be capable of integrating with just about anything, from digital channels to…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Call Center Modernization

With watsonx Assistant you can make your AI virtual assistant available over the phone and guide callers through actions with the same sophistication as in chat. This will dramatically reduce call…

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IBM watsonx Assistant: Customer Experience

Customers don’t like digging for information and don’t want to be put on hold to get simple answers – they expect an immediate connection and quick resolutions to their problems.…

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O IBM Watson Assistant resolve os problemas do cliente na primeira vez

O IBM Watson Assistant é um assistente virtual alimentado por IA que fornece aos clientes respostas rápidas, consistentes e precisas em qualquer plataforma de mensagens, aplicativo,…

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Audi UK + IBM, 고객에게 더 스마트한 경험을 제공합니다

Audi가 IBM과 협력하여 어떻게 디지털 트랜스포메이션으로 혁신을 주도했는지 확인하십시오

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IBM Watson Assistant resuelve los problemas de los clientes a la primera

IBM Watson Assistant es un asistente virtual impulsado por la IA que proporciona a los clientes respuestas rápidas, coherentes y precisas en cualquier plataforma de mensajería,…

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Watson Assistant 如何第一时间解决客户问题

IBM Watson Assistant 是一款人工智能驱动的虚拟代理,可为客户提供快速、一致和准确的答案,包括任何消息传递平台、应用程序、设备或渠道。Watson Assistant 使用 AI 和 NLP 从客户对话中学习,提高首次解决问题的能力,同时消除长时间等待、繁琐搜索和无益聊天机器人的挫折感。 …

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IBM & NatWest 联合访谈:实现企业级会话式 AI 方法

2020 年,我们看到会话式 AI 的使用激增,从单一使用的聊天机器人到全组织的虚拟助理。但是,这种扩张也给大型和受监管的组织带来了更大的问题:一套支离破碎的技术,每个技术都需要持续的监督、维护和培训。欢迎观看 IBM 和英国国民西敏寺银行 (NatWest) 的联合访谈,在此我们将了解企业如何成功利用会话式 AI,以及在制定组织范围内的一致 AI 策略时,要考虑哪些主要标准。 了解更多:…

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Wie Telstra KI-Ambitionen in eine digitale Transformation verwandelte

Telstra hat sich mit IBM zusammengetan, um sein digitales Erlebnis umzugestalten und KI in seine Arbeitsabläufe zu integrieren – beginnend mit einem Customer Facing Chatbot, bis die…

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Cómo Telstra convirtió los efectos de la inteligencia artificial en una transformación digital

Telstra colaboró con IBM para transformar su experiencia digital e introducir la inteligencia artificial en sus flujos de trabajo, empezando por un chatbot para los clientes que…

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IBM Watson Assistant solves customer problems the first time

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual agent that provides customers with fast, consistent and accurate answers across any messaging platform, application, device or channel. Using AI and NLP,…

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Fireside chat: Telstra 如何将人工智能愿景转变为数字化转型

深入探讨 Telstra 面临的挑战,从转变公司文化到证明其初始客户在人工智能实施方面的成功。观看 IBM 和 Telstra 的聊天对话,讨论初始项目的项目如何成功,以及它们如何扩展到内部使用案例。

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Goodbye Warteschleife: Mit Watson Assistant macht Vodafone WhatsApp zum KI-gestützen Kundenservice

Vodafone Deutschland revolutioniert mit TOBi die Digitalisierung des Kundenservice durch den Einsatz von WhatsApp in Verbindung mit der Intelligenz von IBM Watson.

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Voxo helping COOP transforming insights to actions.

Voxo is helping COOP transforming insights to actions by digitally analysing customer service calls. Voxo and IBM are partnering to deliver the service in IBM Cloud.

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Asan Medical Center embarks on a digital transformation journey with IBM Services

With a vison to become a Smart Hospital, Asan Medical Center (AMC) was seeking to improve customer service and operational efficiency through technology. AMC collaborated with IBM Services to…

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