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Orchestrating the flow of life with watsonx

Water Corporation is responsible for the flow of critical water services to millions across Western Australia.Partnering with IBM Consulting and AWS, Water Corporation adopted an AI-enhanced cloud…

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IBM App Connect: Integrate data with AI-based mapping

"Data mapping for an integration flow is often time-consuming and error-prone. IBM App Connect uses AI to accelerate and optimize the process. To learn how IBM App Connect can help you…

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Most DevOps toolchains are perceived as being inefficient

Developers demand faster change and adoption of automation so software delivery is more frequent.

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Orgs need to do more to minimize the environmental impact of software delivery

Businesses look to reduce their impact of their software delivery process on the environment.

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Teams want help to identify efficiency blockers

Efficiency blockers limit innovation and response to changing business needs.

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Maturing software delivery is a journey that requires data

Data insights and analysis from each delivery stage help address inefficiencies.

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Developers want more DevOps automation

Developers want to deliver great software - faster. 'Automation' ( helps them achieve their goals.

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Transform Risk Efficiency with Enhanced User Experience

Drive GRC adoption for all three lines of the business with a modern, task-focused user interface (UI) to complete tasks and support real-time, risk-aware decision-making to unlock business value. …

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IBM Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Demo

This five minute video focuses on use cases showcasing how IBM RPA easily and quickly solves business problems. Throughout the video, solution distinguishing characteristics that help with increasing…

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IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center Overview

Watch an overview of the IBM Cloud Infrastructure Center on IBM Z and LinuxONE.

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What do RPA Bots have to do with Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

Use case-based video that will show how a business can use RPA with AI in chatbots, with computer vision and for classifying documents to increase efficiency. Participate in a 30 day RPA trial.

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Asan Medical Center embarks on a digital transformation journey with IBM Services

With a vison to become a Smart Hospital, Asan Medical Center (AMC) was seeking to improve customer service and operational efficiency through technology. AMC collaborated with IBM Services to…

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Vodafone and IBM Answering the Call to SAP S/4HANA with IBM Rapid Move

IBM Services provided Vodafone strategic guidance in their digital transformation, supporting the creation of their new Digital Logistics Hub. While leveraging Vodafone’s existing SAP…

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MineHub ensures timely and accurate data-sharing with blockchain

MineHub has established a consortium of leading industry participants—including mining, technology and banking companies—to help build a blockchain platform to manage high-value assets…

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Kuwait Oil Company connecting "everything" for maximum operational efficiency

To meet its aggressive production growth targets, one of the largest oil companies in the world, required a solution that could improve efficiency and productivity, especially when times got tough…

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EDF Energy invests in top talent to improve energy security for years to come

As competition heats up in the UK energy sector, powering a nation with clean, low-carbon energy is becoming much harder. To stay ahead in tough market conditions, EDF Energy worked with IBM Services…

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