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TradeLens eBL

The TradeLens eBL is a standard, industry-supported, end-to-end digital solution that provides shippers, cargo owners and freight-forwarders a streamlined and secure process for the issue, transfer…

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TradeLens and Blockchain Technology Supply Chain Demo

Every day, around the world, millions of shipping containers in motion. An incredible achievement of logistics, coordination and communication. But legacy data systems and manual document handling…

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Horacio Morell conversa con Ignacio González, Consejero Delegado de G. Nueva Pescanova

Horacio Morell conversa con Ignacio González Hernández sobre la estrategia de Nueva Pescanova en términos de sostenibilidad, algo que está en su ADN.…

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Can turning patents into NFTs expand the marketplace for ideas?

Your IP may be more valuable than you know. IBM & IPwe are turning patents into NFTs and using blockchain for trustworthy and transparent transactions. Now innovators have a streamlined platform…

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IBM Digital Credentials

Digital credentials on blockchain are enabling people and businesses to transact with each other in new and different ways. Blockchain’s public and private capabilities make it possible to…

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Making fashion transparent; a retailers prespective

Sustainability consultant, Mike Barry discusses the challenges retailers face with achieving a transparent supply chain in the quest to become more sustainable.

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Ledgermatic opens a new financial frontier: digital assets

Learn how Ledgermatic built a new treasury management solution suite on IBM technology. By enabling organizations to build, account for, transact and finance their operations using digital assets,…

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IBM Blockchain Transparent Supply Demo

In this demonstration, we will show how IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite can be used to manage product recalls more quickly and efficiently. Using IBM Blockchain capabilities built into the Suite,…

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How Vinturas is using blockchain in the car logistics supply chain

From paper to digital in the automotive industry. Do you know the journey your car traveled from factory to dealer? By implementing IBM’s blockchain technology, Vinturas designed a solution…

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This is IBM Benelux

Discover the impact IBM has on everyone, everyday. This is the world we are helping to build.

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IBM Food Trust for the Food Safety and Modernization Act

Respond rapidly to regulators and ensure compliance with IBM Food Trust.

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Helt Spårat -Swedens first traceable beer

More than a great-tasting beer.We know exactly how this beer was produced and we are very proud of it! We are about to tell you everything, from how the first small organic-certified seed of malt…

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Video zur Kundengeschichte von Renault

Groupe Renault entwickelte und ist wesentlicher Bestandteil des wachsenden Blockchain-Projekt , um bei der Zertifizierung der Fahrzeugkonformität neue Maßstäbe zu setzen. XCEED ist…

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Renault müşteri hikayesi videosu

Groupe Renault, araç uyumluluğunun belgelendirilmesini daha da ileriye taşımaya yönelik büyüyen bir blok zinciri projesini geliştirdi ve bu projenin büyük bir…

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Vidéo de l'histoire du client Renault

Le Groupe Renault est au cœur d'un projet blockchain en plein essor qui vise à aller plus loin dans la certification de la conformité des véhicules. XCEED est un…

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Vídeo de un caso: Renault

Groupe Renault ha desarrollado y es parte esencial de un proyecto de blockchain en crecimiento para dar un paso más en la certificación de conformidad de los vehículos. XCEED es…

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