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Digital Forms Modernization for Government with IBM Consulting and Adobe

Some governments have improved website user experience (UX) but may have not truly changed the way citizens interact with them. Citizens and residents expect a business-toconsumer (B2C) quality…

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Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) on IBM Cloud for Financial Services

IBM and Adobe have expanded their partnership to solve one of the biggest problems of marketing to customers in regulated industries, a sector previously hindered by strict data and privacy…

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التحول الذكي لتجربة العملاء مع IBM وAdobe

تجربة العملاء أمر في غاية الأهمية. إن تصميم عملك من أجل التغيير السريع وتوفير التجارب السياقية المخصصة لكل عميل يتوقعها يتطلب نهجًا مُعادًا تصوره لتطوير المحتوى وتقديمه. يلتقي التحول الذكي للمحتوى مع…

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Intelligente CX-Transformation mit IBM und Adobe

Intelligente Content-Transformation trifft Kunden dort, wo sie sich auf ihrer digitalen Transformationsreise befinden. Es ist modular aufgebaut und zeichnet sich durch Flexibilität und…

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Интеллектуальная трансформация взаимодействия с клиентами с помощью решений IBM и Adobe

Интеллектуальное преобразование контента актуально на любых этапах цифровой трансформации. Оно отличается модульностью, гибкостью и динамичностью. Мы продемонстрируем преимущества этого решения…

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Transformation intelligente de l'expérience client avec IBM et Adobe

La transformation intelligente du contenu répond aux besoins des clients là où ils se trouvent dans leur parcours de transformation numérique. Elle est modulaire et offre…

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Intelligent Document Transformation Whiteboard

Intelligent Document Transformation Whiteboard with Adobe

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Cloud without Compromise -- Adobe and IBM Cloud

Amit Ahuja, Vice President of Experience Cloud Products & Strategy, Adobe talks about tools like Adobe Experience Manager on Red Hat Openshift, and making the application ready for IBM Cloud for…

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Transformação CX Inteligente com IBM e Adobe

O consumidor moderno espera personalização em todo o ciclo de vida do cliente. É nossa responsabilidade alinhar-nos com as expectativas em constante evolução e…

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Session 1477 - How IBM and Adobe are driving transformation and ROI with intelligent content

Think session for mediacenter Session 1477 - How IBM and Adobe are driving transformation and ROI with intelligent content

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Transformación inteligente de CX con IBM y Adobe

El consumidor moderno espera personalización en todo el ciclo de vida del cliente. Es nuestra responsabilidad alinearnos con las expectativas en constante evolución y brindar la…

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IBM 携手Adobe 进行智能化的客户体验转型

客户体验乃重中之重。 设计您的业务以满足不断变化的需求,并提供每个客户所期望的定制化、情境化体验,需要对内容开发和交付方案进行重新构想。 客户在数字化转型之旅中遇见了智能内容转型。 它是模块化的,非常灵活与敏捷。 我们将讲述 Kelsey 和她抵押贷款申请的故事,来说明这项服务如何帮助客户。

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Audi UK+IBM: よりスマートな顧客体験を

Audi UKがIBMと協業し、どのようにデジタル・トランスフォーメーションを進め、イノベーションを実現したかをご覧ください。AudiとIBMの共同チームは、アジャイルでユーザー重視のIBM® Garage™メソドロジーに従い、IBM iX®と連携して、ユーザー・エクスペリエンスを向上させる顧客中心に向けた変革のための戦略的ロードマップを共同で作成しました。

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Think2021: Session #2301 Accelerate your digital transformation

To gain a competitive advantage and grow, businesses must develop digital-first business models to fundamentally transform how they deliver value to customers. This requires leveraging their trusted…

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Intelligent CX transformation with IBM and Adobe

The modern consumer expects personalization across the customer lifecycle. It is a brand's responsibility to line up with ever-evolving expectations and serve the right experience at the right…

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IBM iX Forms Accelerator for Adobe

Forms are a tedious and time-consuming necessity in our lives. Adobe and IBM have joined forces to change the way we experience and deliver forms. Introducing the IBM iX Forms Accelerator for…

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