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Will AI Be Critical to Your Job and Everyday Life?

When will AI become a regular part of your life and career - want to take a guess how long that will take? In this video, Master Inventor Martin Keen talks about how long it takes, on average, for…

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Revolutionize Your Interview Process with AI

Discover how watsonx Orchestrate helps recruiters infuse humanity into the interview process, create lasting impressions, and fostering meaningful connections between candidates and hiring managers.

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Recruitment Made Easier: How AI Enhances Requisition Discovery

Need assistance with simplifying the job requisition process and overseeing requisition discovery? With IBM watsonx Orchestrate, you can easily navigate and stay connected to the entire process,…

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Reinventing Job Posting: Simplify the Process with AI and watsonx Orchestrate

IBM watsonx Orchestrate simplifies the job posting process by suggesting the best platforms for advertising, tracking success rates, and drafting job postings. Learn how it can help reduce the…

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Watson Assistant: Demo cobranzas

Conoce los beneficios y metodología de Watson Assistant en liquidación de deudas. Podrás ver una llamada muestra con un cliente que no ha completado sus pagos mientras comparte…

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Watson Assistant: Televentas en telecomunicaciones

Conoce los beneficios y metodología de Watson Assistant en televentas enfocadas en telecomunicaciones. Podrás ver una llamada muestra con un cliente al que se le ofrecerá un…

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Watson Assistant: Demo televentas para banca

Conoce los beneficios y metodología de Watson Assistant en las televentas enfocadas en el área de ventas. Podrás ver una llamada muestra con un cliente para ofrecer nuevas…

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IBM Watson Assistant phone integration demo

Brief technical demo showcasing how to integrate IBM Watson Assistant into existing phone and SMS platforms, simplifying how conversational AI can support and improve your customer service.

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Interaktiva assistenter – ge kunden rätt svar i alla lägen

75 min webinar by IBM and IDG around Interactive Assistants. Content around Watson in Swedish, NLP, the OP client case, and the internal case: How IBM scales self-service support AI solutions with…

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Japan Airlines onboards AI to change the customer travel experience

Japan Airlines has embarked on a mission to set a new standard for customer service: personalized travel recommendations based on customer information provided to the airline. The airline decided to…

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