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Témoignage de Benjamin Rabache sur l’IBM Z

Benjamin Rabache, spécialiste logiciels IBM Z, présente les atouts de l’IBM Z et la place de cette plateforme dans notre système économique.

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拥抱 ESG 浪潮,远雄航空自由贸易港区携手 IBM 打造物流运筹智慧化平台

本视频与您分享远雄航空自由贸易港区如何通过创新科技应用,实现物流智能化、降低 90% 的软件授权成本,并通过集成系统省力、省钱、省资源,更高性能与安全性的同时,又能实现 ESG 愿景与目标。

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開箱遊戲!IBM 特派記者直擊 IBM LinuxONE 體驗中心

打造「應用現代化」是加速數位轉型的關鍵策略,而建造開放敏捷與安全穩定的集中式平台,更是致勝贏家的一步好棋!IBM LinuxONE 提供大型主機等級的三高架構,兼顧經濟效益的總體擁有成本最優化,並實現 ESG 願景的綠色運算,接軌未來的科技創新,為企業業務創造價值、激發科技潛能! 了解 IBM…

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Think Summit Moscow. Истории успеха клиентов IBM. МЕДСИ.

ИТ директор сети клиник МЕДСИ А.Богомолов рассказывает о том, как решения IBM Storwize позволили улучшить качество обслуживания пациентов.

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Ask Me Anything with Bola Rotibi: Modernization

Analyst Bola Rotibi joins us to answer the industry's most common modernization questions.

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How TH Group is modernizing their infrastructure to scale their business

This is the client reference video with TH Group, a conglomerate in Vietnam. TH underwent an innovation in IT by upgrading to SAP S4/HANA and chose IBM Power9 as the infrastructure.

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LinuxONE 构建以一顶百、稳敏合一混合云平台&全栈监控方案实际演示

本演示让您直观地感受 LinuxONE 强劲的性能以及开源世界的灵活。配合行业优先的企业级容器云平台 Red Hat OpenShift,LinuxONE 为您提供全栈式的混合云解决方案,从而构建更敏捷和经济的开放混合云。 如果您有任何问题请致电 IBM:服务热线:400-6692-039 服务时间:周一至周五 9:00-17:00 访问 IBM LinuxONE…

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MITTR and IBM: McAfee on Building a cyber-resilient organization

Learn more about cyber resiliency from McAfee.

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Paolo Vitali and Ivan Deleuze - Infrastructure resiliency

Resilience has been in the headlines of industry media for months because organizations have been disrupted by technology-related disasters. This increasing demand for more resiliency can’t be…

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Think Digital- Steadfast Resiliency in a Time of Global Disruption_Europe_Turkish

As the digital landscape changes, businesses are rapidly developing new applications to deliver goods and services online, ensuring their IT infrastructure can continue to support important business…

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Christian Miemiec - Acquisition Infrastructures

IBM Executive IT Economics Consultant, Christian Miemiec, examines how to converge diverse IT infrastructures resulting from an acquisition and how to minimize IT costs.

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Mainframe Innovations: Today and tomorrow

The mainframe continues to bring breakthrough technology to market with the most recent being pervasive encryption – the ability to encrypt 100% of the data with no application changes. Learn…

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Mainframe Innovations: Virtualization and the Cloud

One computer acting like thousands. The mainframe introduced virtualization which is the foundation of cloud technology today.

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Mainframe Innovations: Centralization and Real Time

Mainframes paved the way to centralized computing and real-time transaction processing that are essential to our economy today. Learn how these technology innovations impact your everyday life. Build…

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New Faces of IBM Z: Designing 100% Encryption

Meghan McGrath, IBM Pervasive Encryption Design Lead, shares how she helped bring 100% encryption to the IBM Z. Learn more:

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New Faces of IBM Z “Splunking” the mainframe

Watch Alex Stuart (Mainframe Graduate) with Experian describe how he “is splunking the mainframe.”

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