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Technology Summit Valencia: Infrastructura IBM Power y IBM Storage en la mejora del rendimiento

Seidor y Consum nos hablan como las insfrastructuras de IBM tanto de Power como Storage, son ágiles, seguras e inteligentes para todo tipo de entornos y cambios de escenarios de negocio


Demo: Modernize and Automate with IBM Power

Joe Cropper, IBM Master Inventor, STSM, IBM Power Hybrid Cloud Platform, walks you through a demo of how IBM Power can help you. - Modernize your applications - Consistently manage resources…

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PowerHA EE Hybrid GLVM (Geographic Logical Volume Manager) Demo (Oracle ASM Deployment)

This is a live demonstration of a Hybrid DR deployment of an Oracle database running on AIX that uses raw logical volumes with Oracle ASM (Automatic Storage Management). The database is replicated…

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AIX GLVM (Geographic Logical Volume Manager) 101 (Understanding AIX IP Replication)

This session explains the AIX GLVM (Geographic Logical Volume Mirroring) synchronous and asynchronous concepts, demonstrates the configuration menus within the AIX operating system, and outlines the…

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AIX GLVM (Geographic Logical Volume Manager) Primer (Deployment Wizard Demo)

This session introduces the AIX Geographic Logical Volume Mirroring (GLVM) solution, identifies how the PowerHA SystemMirror Enterprise Edition can integrate with it and provide automation, and…

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Oracle: Unpacked, Podcast #2: Oracle IBM Relationship

Welcome to the second of our Oracle products on IBM Systems, Unpacked podcast series. We will cover topics based on questions we have received over the years through our IBM Oracle International…

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Abordagem de nuvem híbrida aberta

O que a abordagem de nuvem híbrida aberta pode fazer por você? Veja como uma abordagem de nuvem híbrida aberta com a IBM e a Red Hat ajuda a fazer seus investimentos em TI…

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How to generate sosreport on a OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) cluster node on IBM Power Systems

This video describes how to collect diagnostic data from the Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP) running on IBM Power Systems and how to send the gathered data to IBM. More complete…

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IBM VM Recovery Manager – A Short Story

Planned and Unplanned Disaster Recovery Operations on Power Systems have never been easier when using the IBM VM Recovery Manager (VMR) for DR solution. The VMR offering can also help facilitate…

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Oracle: Unpacked, Podcast #1: Oracle Certification

Welcome to the Oracle products on IBM Systems, Unpacked podcast series. This series will focus on addressing some of the most commonly asked questions we receive. Topics covered will be based on…

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Open hybrid cloud approach

What can open do for you? See how an open hybrid cloud approach with IBM and Red Hat helps your IT investments work harder than ever.

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IBM Power Systems Virtual Server demo

Modernize mission-critical workloads with IBM Power Systems Virtual Server. Accelerate your hybrid cloud journey with an ultra-secure and reliable infrastructure. In this demo video, you'll…

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Ретроспектива развития ИТ и бизнес трендов и IBM Power

Приглашенный гость: Татьяна Сорокина, генеральный директор IBM в России, Центарльной Азии и Азербайджане

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Think Moscow 2021. Технологический марафон. Райффайзен Банк.

Интервью с Д.Мироновым, руководителем группы администрирования корпоративных систем, вице-президентом ПАО Райффайзенбанк

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Cloud without Compromise -- Data Center Modernization with IBM Cloud, VMWare, Power VS

Hillery Hunter, IBM Fellow, VP & CTO of IBM Cloud talks about data center modernization-- focusing on IBM Cloud, VMWare for regulated industries and IBM Power Virtual Servers. Learn more:…

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Découvrez le nouveau Power10

Simplifiez la protection des données. Répondez plus rapidement aux demandes de l'entreprise. Accélérez les informations. Ce sont les priorités des…

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