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Technology Summit Valencia: Infrastructura IBM Power y IBM Storage en la mejora del rendimiento

Seidor y Consum nos hablan como las insfrastructuras de IBM tanto de Power como Storage, son ágiles, seguras e inteligentes para todo tipo de entornos y cambios de escenarios de negocio


In der heutigen hybriden Welt steht IAM im Mittelpunkt

Das Übersichtsvideo bietet eine eindrucksvolle Beschreibung von IBM Security Verify SaaS zur Lösung von IAM-Anwendungsfällen für Mitarbeiter und Verbraucher. Es bietet eine…

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IBM Systems Lab Services celebrates International Womens Day 2022 #BreakTheBias

IBM Systems Lab Services team members from around the global share their commitments to #BreakTheBias for International Women's Day 2022.

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Vídeo insignia de IBM Power10

Su potencial no está destinado a ser medido o derivado ... está destinado a ser liberado. Bienvenido a tu potencial. IBM® Power®. Diseñado para agilidad.

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IBM Power10 Anthem Video

Ihr Potenzial soll nicht gemessen oder abgeleitet werden … es soll freigesetzt werden. Willkommen in Ihrem Potenzial. IBM® Power®. Entwickelt für Agilität.

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Vidéo IBM Power10 Anthem

Votre potentiel n'est pas destiné à être mesuré ou dérivé… il est destiné à être libéré. Bienvenue dans votre…

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Ask Me Anything with Bola Rotibi: Modernization

Analyst Bola Rotibi joins us to answer the industry's most common modernization questions.

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Forrester's Lauren Nelson on app modernization

Hear from Forrester analyst Lauren Nelson on today's key findings around IT modernization.

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The role of emerging AI hardware in hybrid cloud

Our panelists share their insights on how evolving AI demands and emerging hardware will change hybrid cloud infrastructure from multicloud to on premises to edge, and discuss hardware and software…

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MITTR and IBM Systems: Cloudflare on security by design

Get the latest on new security trends from Cloudflare.

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Hybrid Cloud, Containers, Edge Computing: Storage for your Future

Customers need applications and data to adjust and shift in response to market demands. They also need to scale, achieve peak performance, and adhere to security requirements. In all, customers want…

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MITTR and IBM Systems: GitHub on bolstering the remote workforce

Learn more about how to cultivate a successful remote workforce from GitHub.

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A deep dive into the IBM innovations powering the next generation of hardware

Dario Gil, SVP & Director of IBM Research, and Jamie Thomas, GM, IBM Systems Strategy & Development, discuss how the long-standing collaboration between their organizations has led to…

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Understanding flexible consumption: The new way to pay for IT infrastructure

The ways businesses pay for their IT infrastructure are evolving rapidly. In addition to cash and leases, there are a variety of flexible consumption-based and cloud-like subscription models emerging…

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MITTR and IBM: McAfee on Building a cyber-resilient organization

Learn more about cyber resiliency from McAfee.

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MITTR and IBM: Forrester on digital transformation and the new economy

Learn more about digital transformation from Forrester.

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