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Think Moscow 2021. Технологический марафон. Райффайзен Банк.

Интервью с Д.Мироновым, руководителем группы администрирования корпоративных систем, вице-президентом ПАО Райффайзенбанк

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35 years of AIX

Steve Sibley, Vice President IBM Power Systems Product Marketing, discusses how IBM AIX has innovatively served customers for 35 years.

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What is a Power Virtual Server?

What is a power virtual server? Can users who have already invested to run their workloads in an on-premises environment benefit from a power virtual server solution? In this lightboard video, Erin…

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IBM PVS AIX Deploy Demo

IBM PVS AIX Deploy Demo

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AIX MustGather Video: System Performance - Conditional data collection triggers

"AIX System Performance Support requires the person opening the case have some insight into the issue being reported. Gathering information before calling IBM support could shorten the time it…

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Hybrid Cloud for IBM Power Systems

How to deploy AIX on IBM Cloud PowerVS

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Enabling AIX shared processor pool utilisation statistics via the HMC

Ensuring the fullest level of CPU and Processor Performance Monitoring This video shows how to enable the recording of shared processor pool statistics. This is activated from the HMC and allows a…

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Implementing Domain RBAC - IBM Training

This presentation discusses the Domain RBAC facility implemented in AIX 6 sp6. This faclity is built on top of Role Based Access Control (RBAC) allows the system administrator to restrict the use of…

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IBM Power Systems Myths_ AIX is dead and UNIX isn't relevant in today's market

IBM Lab Services expert Skip Garvin continues a video series dispelling the top IBM Power Systems myths. In this video, he addresses the myth that AIX is dead and UNIX isn't relevant in…

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Migrate to IBM POWER9 - boost performance and your business

This video is an illustration of performance improvement moving a workload from IBM POWER8 to POWER9. This shows transactions improvement from the Online Transactional Processing Application…

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災害からシステムを守る IBM Power Systems Virtual Server

大規模な自然災害が多発している昨今、その対策は極めて重要です。IBM Cloud上で稼働する Power Systems である IBM Power Systems Virtual Serverで運用負荷やコストを大幅に抑えて迅速にIBM I やAIXの災対環境を構築できます。

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AIX Support Black Box Flight Recorder

AIX logs basic performance and system data by default for seven days. This can be extremely useful for researching an unexpected outage or performance problem for a server. The performance data is…

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Proper Collection of AIX snap Data

The AIX snap command is the most commonly used command for collecting system information about an AIX server for AIX Support. Gathering the right type of information in a timely manner, will help…

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Top Five Tips to Get the Most Out of AIX Support

In this video, Matthew Radford reviews the top five tips to get the most out of AIX support when opening a case. Please send your comments or video suggestions to

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Managing IBM AIX Fixes and Updates

In this video, Matt Radford discusses AIX fix strategies, including AIX fixes and updates, the AIX product lifecycle, and service extensions. You will also learn how to obtain licensed code for AIX…

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AIX Performance MustGather Data Collection - Part 1

AIX System Performance Support requires the person opening the case have some insight into the issue being reported. Gathering information before calling IBM support could shorten the time it takes…

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