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The award-winning Masters app

The award-winning Masters app combines innovation and data-driven insight with beautiful design and user experience. IBM iX and the Masters Digital team co-create the experience using the IBM…

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Security at the Masters

This 24-hour rolling incident analysis is representative of the volume and variety of security events the Masters experiences over the course of one day. Most of the events are not serious. So the…

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AI at the Masters

To add AI-powered, spoken commentary to more than 20,000 video clips produced at the Masters, the team started with a large language model (LLM), which had been trained on a massive corpus of…

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The Masters hybrid cloud architecture

Data from the course flows through a series of public and private clouds, where it is integrated and analyzed. This diagram shows the automated workflow for AI commentary, a new feature in the…

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The Masters Content Center

During the tournament, the team from IBM Consulting works closely with the Masters Digital team in the state-of-the-art Masters Content Center. From here they co-produce the Masters digital…

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Data capture at the Masters

To produce the insight and content found in the Masters digital experience, a variety of data from multiple sources is captured by cameras, microphones, lasers and volunteers. This includes data…

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IBM technology at the 2022 Masters

Scott Van Pelt explains how IBM created the Masters Digital Experience.

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