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Navigating Composable ERP

Many organizations today have in place a monolithic environment where all the capabilities they use are in a single system. What works better is an environment where they can implement the right tool…

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IBM Cybersecurity Services integrates with Microsoft Security Technology

Learn how Microsoft Intelligent Security Association (MISA) partner IBM Cybersecurity Services integrates with Microsoft Security Technology.

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Wintershall Dea client story

Wintershall Dea, a leading independent oil and gas company in Europe, recognized the need for AI to capitalize on data. They took action by partnering with IBM Consulting, Microsoft and Neudesic to…

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IBM Storage Protect for Cloud Microsoft 365 demo

IBM Storage Protect for Cloud is an unlimited backup service for your Microsoft 365 assets in SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Project Online, OneDrive for Business, Groups, Teams, Planner, and…

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Common Grounds featuring IBM's Nick Otto and Ulrich Homann of Microsoft

Nick and Uli talk about what they're hearing from clients as their top priorities and biggest challenges, and Uli shares best practices for operating in a hybrid cloud world. Explore IBM…

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Integrate Microsoft 365 for HACP EE

This video will show you how to integrate Microsoft Office into Host Access Client Package Extended Edition (HACP EE). This allows users to send green screen content from Host On-Demand into…

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Intégration d'Active Directory et de ServiceNow avec IBM Security Verify

Cette vidéo montre comment utiliser Microsoft Active Directory avec Verify.

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Integration von Active Directory und ServiceNow in IBM Security Verify

Dieses Video zeigt, wie Sie Microsoft Active Directory zusammen mit Verify verwenden.

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Integrare Active Directory e ServiceNow con IBM Security Verify

Questo video mostra come usare Microsoft Active Directory insieme a Verify.

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Integración de Active Directory y ServiceNow con IBM Security Verify

Este vídeo muestra cómo utilizar Microsoft Active Directory junto con Verify.

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将 Active Directory 和 ServiceNow 集成至 IBM Security Verify

此视频演示了 Microsoft Active Directory 与 Verify 的联合使用方法。

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IBM Security Verify와 Active Directory 그리고 ServiceNow 통합

본 동영상은 Microsoft Active Directory를 Verify와 함께 사용하는 방법을 설명합니다.

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Integrando o Active Directory e o ServiceNow com o IBM Security Verify

Este vídeo demonstra como utilizar o Microsoft Active Directory com o Verify.

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IBM Security Fireside Chat with Andy Kennedy and Abhijit Chakravorty

Insightful chat between Andy Kennedy, Senior Cloud Solutions Architect, Microsoft and Abhijit Chakravorty, Partner & Security Competence Leader, IBM Security.


IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel Spanish

Con IBM Planning Analytics for Microsoft Excel, los usuarios pueden evitar errores y problemas de control de versiones en los procesos manuales que se llevan a cabo en hojas de cálculo.

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Hyperscale your cloud journey with Azure

An introductory video to establish IBM Service’s unique positioning and differentiators for top Hyperscalers – Azure

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