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IBM Ecosystem Talks - IBM & TEKNEI

A Short video between IBM and our partner TEKNEI Solutions to showcase our partnership and areas of collaboration around the IBMAutomation portfolio

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DES 2022 La tecnología al servicio de la sostenibilidad. Pasar de la ambición a la acción

De la mano de tres compañias pertenecientes a tres sectores diferentes IBM. Cajamar y el Instituto de Empresa, descubriremos cómo se plantean la sosteniblidad, teniendo en cuenta los…

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DES2022 Operaciones más sostenibles mediante una gestión inteligente de activos

Descubra como Acciona Industrial optimiza la Operación y Mantenimiento en su plantas de generación renovables aprovechando las capacidades de IBM Maximo Application Suite como…

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IBM Ecosystem Talks - ITERA

A short video between IBM and our partner ITERA Solutions to showcase our partnership and areas of collaboration around Ai Apps

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IBM Ecosystem Talks - Tech Data

Short video between IBM and our distributor Tech Data to explain what is the value that a Distributor provides to IBM's ecosystem of partners through programs, capabilities and resources…

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#IN300SEC with Gianni Margutti, IBM Consulting Italy

Interview with Gianni Margutti, Managing Parter of IBM Consulting Italy, on business strategy of Todat's IBM

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#IN300SEC with Stefano Rebattoni, GM IBM Italy

Interview with Stefano Rebattoni, GM IBM Italy, on business strategy of Today's IBM.

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ELM: Multi-tier supplier ecosystem

Collaboration, decision, and variant control must be managed in the midst of ever-expanding system-of-systems design and supplier ecosystems. The ELM solution provides a strong collaboration and…

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Partnering with eBiZolution to drive Digital Transformation in the Philippines

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Collaboration. With IBM Partner Portal

With IBM Partner Portal, IBM Sellers and Business Partners can collaborate better and easier.

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Simplicity. With IBM Partner Portal

At IBM, we strive for simplicity. Especially simplicity for our Business Partners. To move towards simplicity, we now have the IBM Partner Portal, which brings together the best of our tools and…

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IBM Ecosystem Summit - Italy

"IBM Ecosystem Summit - Italy: Rivivi le principali parti salienti dell'evento IBM. Segui l'evento on demand al link:"

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Cloud without Compromise -- Home Lending Pal and IBM Cloud

Bryan Young, Co-founder & CEO from Home Lending Pal discusses how IBM has been a great partner in helping understand how to grow and scale their ecosystem while not compromising speed or data…

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Go further with your marketing. Go further with IBM

IBM Co-Marketing presents our Business Partners with an opportunity to expand the scope and frequency of their marketing efforts to increase Brand awareness, thought leadership and tap into new…

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Fare squadra: modello vincente per rispondere alle necessità del mercato

Fabrizio Saltalippi, Direttore Ecosystem IBM Italia, si racconta a #in300sec: "L'IT oggi? Per le aziende non è più un vantaggio competitivo, ma essenza…

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IBM Power 10 - The Ecosystem

A 10-minute video highlighting how the IBM ecosystem supports Power 10

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