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專家概觀:利用 IBM Watson NLP 進行成本節約與實現效益的網路研討會

直接聆聽第三方專家 Forrester 首席分析師 Mike Gualtieri 與 TEI 顧問 Sarah Musto 談論關於 IBM Watson Discovery 及 Natural Language Understanding 三年來如何創造出 383% 投資報酬率的分享。

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专家概述:利用 IBM Watson NLP 实现成本节约和效益网络研讨会

直接聆听第三方专家 Forrester 首席分析师 Mike Gualtieri 与 TEI 顾问 Sarah Musto 的对话,了解 IBM Watson Discovery 和 Natural Language Understanding 如何在三年内实现 383% 的投资收益率。

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Interaktiva assistenter – ge kunden rätt svar i alla lägen

75 min webinar by IBM and IDG around Interactive Assistants. Content around Watson in Swedish, NLP, the OP client case, and the internal case: How IBM scales self-service support AI solutions with…

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cognitiveCX: Using AI and machine learning to understand customer sentiment, nuance and context

cognitiveCX develops an AI-driven customer experience analytics service that helps customers tap into its unstructured data and derive meaningful insights. "When we started working with the…

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Oovvuu: Bolstering the media industry by matching videos to articles using AI

Oovvuu uses IBM Watson to extract the metadata on articles and helps provide contextually relevant videos to each news article. "So natural language processing is the main technology that we…

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