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Skalbar och tillförlitlig AI - så ser det ut i verkligheten

A demo session on IBMs data and AI platform, Cloud Pak for Data. See how it looks like, what it can do and how it can scale trustworthy AI. (Swedish)

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Helt Spårat -Swedens first traceable beer

More than a great-tasting beer.We know exactly how this beer was produced and we are very proud of it! We are about to tell you everything, from how the first small organic-certified seed of malt…

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AI du kan lita på - från experiment till skalbarhet

Computer Sweden och IBM bjuder in till 75 informativa minuter, under vilka du får en knuff i rätt riktning för att ta AI från experiment till produktion. Det handlar till att…

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Interaktiva assistenter – ge kunden rätt svar i alla lägen

75 min webinar by IBM and IDG around Interactive Assistants. Content around Watson in Swedish, NLP, the OP client case, and the internal case: How IBM scales self-service support AI solutions with…

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