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IBM Envizi with Planning Analytics

IBM Envizi integrates with IBM Planning Analytics so businesses can leverage their ESG data foundation for reporting, planning & forecasting.

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Get started in Cognos Analytics: Cognos Analytics 12

Welcome to Cognos Analytics!

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IBM Planning Analytics: Multivariate AI forecasting

IBM Planning Analytics is an AI-infused integrated business planning solution that enables analysts and planners to perform faster, more accurate forecasts using multiple variables.

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Exercise 2: Create a project for analyzing data

This video accompanies the Managing ModelOps with IBM Cloud Pak for Data V4.8 course, and demonstrates how to create a project in Cloud Pak for Data to use for analyzing data.

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Overview of IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics

IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics, based on the data streaming capabilities provided by Z Common Data Provider and the data insights known from IBM Z Operations Analytics, provides a single…

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BKW AG x IBM - So geht effektives Controlling mit Business Analytics trotz Turbowachstum

BKW, ein Schweizer Energieunternehmen mit einem vielfältigen Portfolio, hat seine Prozesse im Finanzmanagement und Berichtswesen durch die Einführung von IBM Planning Analytics erheblich…

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AIOps on IBM Z: Anomaly resolution using log data

In this video we show how our AIOps on IBM Z solution helps guide users quickly through the process to identify, diagnose, and resolve a complex business application problem using Z Anomaly…

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IBM Z Performance and Capacity Analytics: Custom Cognos Reports

In this video we will illustrate how to use IBM Performance and Capacity Analytics, an AIOps on IBM Z solution, to create custom Cognos reports and modify the SQL. Learn more about AIOps on…

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BKW AG x IBM - How effective controlling with Business Analytics works despite turbo-charged growth

BKW, a Swiss power company with a diverse portfolio, significantly streamlined its financial management and reporting processes by adopting IBM Planning Analytics. The solution enabled a more…

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AIOps on IBM Z: Synchronizing resources with ServiceNow

In this video, we will show you how AIOps on IBM Z solutions can enable your ServiceNow problem and change management system to be more accurate and efficient in assigning tickets to IBM Z…

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Why a data lakehouse architecture?

While organizations are modernizing their data infrastructures to reduce costs and put data to work for analytics and AI, how are they choosing the right architecture? Watch the video to learn how…

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Budget better with IBM Planning Analytics. All-in-one, all simplified.

Simplify your entire budgeting process with just one platform: IBM Planning Analytics. From predicting sales and monitoring expenses to planning your workforce and consolidating data –…

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AIOps on IBM Z Decide: Root cause analysis

In this video, we will highlight how the AIOps for IBM Z framework can help you apply root cause analysis solutions to analyze issues and anomalies to isolate problems and identify root…

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Data Maestro for IBM Planning Analytics by Revelwood

Data Maestro, developed by Revelwood - an IBM Business Partner, is a streamlined data orchestration tool for Planning Analytics. With it, you can effortlessly set up and oversee data processing tasks…

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Webinar: How to scale AI workloads taking an open data lakehouse approach

Discover how can help your organization successfully scale analytics and AI workloads for all your data, hear from industry experts on the benefit of an open lakehouse approach, and see…

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AIOps on IBM Z Detect: Incident identification

In this video we will highlight how the AIOps for IBM Z framework can help you apply incident identification solutions to monitor hybrid infrastructure and applications to detect issues and…

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