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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - How to share dashboard content

In this video, you will see how insights you discover with IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson can be shared with others driving collaboration. Five ways to share will be demonstrated: email and Slack…

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AIOps on IBM zSystems: Automated Resolution

In this video we highlight a hybrid cloud scenario where IBM’s integrated zSystems AIOps portfolio can help you apply intelligent and self-correcting automation through the use of full-stack…

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IBM Z Anomaly Analytics v5.1.0.7 Topology Service

IBM Z Anomaly Analytics with Watson v1.5.0.7 has delivered a new topology feature which adds additional context to its existing anomaly detection capabilities to help IT Operators and Z Subject…

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Creating a custom dashboard to show z/OS syslog messages on the Z Data Analytics platform

IBM Z Operational Log and Data Analytics includes a collection of predefined dashboards for use to examine your z/OS based subsystems. In addition, new visualizations and dashboards can be created…

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - How to convert a list report to a crosstab report

This video shows you how to convert a list report to a crosstab report in IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson with a click of a button. Using the crosstab offers a different perspective to viewing data…

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AI to predict future outcomes and enhance financial and operational planning

You can’t realize the value of your data if you rely on manual, disconnected and error-prone processes. IBM Planning Analytics With Watson® allows you to unify and streamline planning,…

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EIS: Geospatial Analytics

In this short video, you'll see how the Geospatial Analytics solution from the IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite can help you better utilize your weather data to predict and plan for climate…

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Lab 2: Create an analytics project

This video demonstrates how to create an analytics project in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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ELM: Knowing what to test

IBM Engineering Test Management is an integrated solution which provides a logical process for validation and verification to ensure all elements of the product are properly tested leading to higher…

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IBM Storage Annual Summit 2021

¿Cómo podemos alcanzar nuestros objetivos empresariales? Gracias a las soluciones basadas en contenedores, big data, Inteligencia artificial y ciberseguridad, y todo bajo el paraguas de…

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Космос и ИТ.

Интервью с А.Мисуркиным, Героем Российской Федерации, летчиком-космонавтом, организатором и ведущим научно-популярного проекта"Космос не ждет"

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Mikel Díez conversa sobre innovación con Miquel Martí, CEO de Tech Barcelona

Mikel Diez habla con Miquel Martí sobre el hub de innovación Tech Barcelona, en cuya misión está activar el ecosistema desde el conocimiento para provocar la …

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Chema Castillo conversa con Jorge Tomé, GRUPO PRISA, sobre automatización inteligente

Chema Castillo y Jorge Tomé Hernando comentan las iniciativas estrategicas de Grupo Prisa y cómo esta empresa está gestionando su arquitectura cloud y los desafios a los…

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Retos tecnológicos para una transformación sostenible

Javier Valencia habla de la tecnología y cómo la estrategia de IBM ayuda a las empresas en ese proceso de transformación, basado en dos pilares: Cloud Híbrido e…

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Horacio Morell conversa con Ignacio González, Consejero Delegado de G. Nueva Pescanova

Horacio Morell conversa con Ignacio González Hernández sobre la estrategia de Nueva Pescanova en términos de sostenibilidad, algo que está en su ADN.…

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Horacio Morell conversa con Javier Sánchez-Prieto, Presidente Ejecutivo de Iberia

Horacio Morell conversa con Javier Sánchez-Prieto sobre cómo desde Iberia han integrado tres de los componentes de la sostenibilidad, la parte económica, social y ambiental…

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