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Renewables Forecasting: Generate efficient wind and solar energy with high accuracy forecasts

Influences of climate change and rapidly growing capacity have made forecasting for renewable generation challenging in many places across the globe. See how IBM's Renewables Forecasting…

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Sales and Operations Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

In today's dynamic business landscape, effective collaboration and iterative processes are crucial in Sales and Operations Planning. With IBM Planning Analytics, organizations can transcend…

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Demo interattiva di Guardium Insights – Analizzare i problemi

Cercare di trovare l'ago nel pagliaio tra i dati relativi alla protezione dei dati e quelli di verifica può sopraffare il team che si occupa della protezione dei dati. Ottenere i dati…

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Headcount and Staffing Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

IBM Planning Analytics can help your HR analysts streamline the headcount and staffing planning process, reduce manual data manipulation and preparation, and gain insights into employee management…

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Demand Planning with IBM Planning Analytics

Organizations need to respond quickly to demand changes. They need to have secure and governed systems in place to not only look at the upcoming 12-month horizon but more importantly, look at the…

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IBM Planning Analytics Overview Demo

IBM Planning Analytics platform offers a flexible and customizable approach to business planning, allowing users to easily model and analyze data to reflect their unique business processes and…

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IBM Planning Analytics for Excel - Drill down

Gain deeper insights and understanding of underlying trends and patterns with the drill down feature. With just a few clicks, you can analyze data at a more granular level, and discover hidden…

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IBM Planning Analytics for Excel - Drag and drop feature

Save time and improve productivity when working with large or complex data sets using the drag-and-drop function. You can quickly and efficiently move, copy, or organize data within the Excel…

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IBM Planning Analytics for Excel Add-In

IBM Planning Analytics for Excel (PafE) is an Excel add-in that enables you to interact with data and perform powerful planning, budgeting, and forecasting activities using IBM Planning…

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IBM Planning Analytics as a Service on AWS

Learn about IBM’s Planning Analytics on Amazon Web Services

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Smarter Analysis, Better Decisions with Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson helps you to better see where your business is today while helping predict what will happen tomorrow. Automate insights and improve data usage for self-service…

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Be The Analytics Hero with IBM Business Analytics Enterprise

With IBM Business Analytics Enterprise, you can be the analytics hero for your business with access to business intelligence and self-service analytics content, personalized for every user, in one…

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AIOps on IBM zSystems: Enterprise Observability

In this video we will highlight how IBM’s integrated Z AIOps portfolio can help you apply hybrid incident identification and root cause analysis through the use of full-stack monitoring,…

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Journey to Open Data Analytics on IBM Z and LinuxONE

By charting your journey to open data analytics, you can derive new insights and advantages from each transaction. Accelerators of this journey are IBM Z Platform for Apache Spark, Python AI Toolkit…

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