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IBM 数据湖的技术和方案已经应用于各行各业。IBM 专家和 AI 独角兽-地平线的用户,分享 IBM 数据湖方案如何应用在芯片制造企业,实现加速研发、简化数据管理,从而达到降本增效。视频后半部分分享了案例技术细节。 IBM 面向 AI 的存储解决方案:…

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IBM firm help improve online presence for Wienerberger with SAP & Adobe

Wienerberger AG is the world’s largest producer of bricks. The traditional company’s goal is to improve people’s quality of life with integrated clay solutions, services, and…

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今日の製造業務にはあらゆる面における優位性が求められます。迅速な規模の拡大縮小や、ツール の再構築、Operationの見直しに柔軟に対応する必要があります。機械の稼働音と製品の流れを維持するために、現代の製造には信頼とレジリエンスが 必要です。IBMは、設備稼働を最適化し、高度なテクノロジーとソリューションで問題発生前に防止することを支援します。 …

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How to turn your IoT data into valuable insights and transform the efficiency of your manufacturing operations

Find out how you can utilise existing data collected over SCADA and PLCs to make assessments and even predictions about the health of your assets in real-time.

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Build greater adaptability and resilience in your Supply Chain with an AI powered Control Tower

Find out how an AI powered, manufacturing-centric Control Tower empowers you to deliver real-time insights to take actions that deliver value to your business.

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Accelerating Manufacturing Innovation: 5G Factory of the Future Programme

Join the members of 5G consortium who will share more about the two-year project and the innovation this will drive for the manufacturing industry.

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Développez des opérations métier résilientes pour le secteur manufacturier

Les opérations manufacturières d'aujourd'hui doivent présenter de nombreuses caractéristiques. Elles doivent pouvoir croître ou…

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Resiliente Betriebsabläufe in der Fertigung aufbauen

Moderne Fertigungsunternehmen müssen jeden Vorteil nutzen. Sie müssen ihre betrieblichen Abläufe jederzeit neu überdenken, nach oben oder unten skalieren und…

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Canadian Solar drives operational efficiency and visibility with SAP and IBM

With a vision to adopt Smart Manufacturing, Canadian Solar was seeking to improve the efficiency and visibility of its operations by deploying an integrated IT platform for global operations…

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Owens Illinois + IBM: Los beneficios de la migración de Oracle a IBM Db2

¿Cómo reduzco los costes totales de propiedad, incremento el rendimiento de las consultas y reduzco la huella del servidor?

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Owens Illinois и IBM: преимущества миграции из Oracle Database в IBM Db2

Как уменьшить совокупную стоимость владения, ускорить обработку запросов и уменьшить занимаемую сервером площадь?

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화장품 회사 로레알이 IBM과 함께 만들어낸 Industry 4.0 변신

화장품 회사 로레알이 제조공장에 IOT를 적용하여 인더스트리 4.0을 위한 디지털 전환을 수행한 방법을 알아봅니다. IBM의 디자인 사고(Design Thinking) 방법론이 어떻게 고객의 비즈니스 모델을 변화시킬 수 있는지 확인하시기 바랍니다.

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Owens Illinois: Oracle에서 IBM Db2로 마이그레이션하여 총소유비용 절감

세계 최대 유리 용기 제조업체 Owens-Illinois가 Oracle 데이터베이스에서 IBM Db2로 마이그레이션을 수행했습니다. Owens-Illinois는 IBM Db2 도입을 통해 총소유비용을 절감하면서 쿼리 성능을 향상했고, 서버 설치 공간 감소 등의 부가적인 이점을 누리면서도 IT 예산을 절감하여, 전략적인 영역에 더 많은 시간과 비용을…

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Getting Started with IBM Developer for z Systems and Dependency Based Build

Learn more about the integration of IBM Developer for z Systems (IDz) and IBM Dependency Based Build (DBB). You can upload individual source files to a z/OS® host system from a local GitHub…

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Quick Look: COBOL Metrics with IDz

IBM Developer for z Systems gives you quick access to metrics for COBOL source programs. Having these metrics at your fingertips puts the power of knowledge and insight just one mouse click away.

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