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Following fashion's footprint: Tech innovations for a sustainable and fair supply chain

The fashion industry is facing a sustainability crisis. Hear how emerging tech is helping to create more efficient and sustainable supply chains, revealing the entire lifecycle of a fashion…

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Honestly | The 2021 Call for Code Global Challenge 3rd runner up

This Call for Code global finalist team from Australia uses AI to pass supply chain transparency on to consumers. Read more: Honestly is an online browser extension that aims…

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A resilient and sustainable future, together

IBM can help you plan a sustainable and profitable path forward with open, AI-powered solutions and platforms and deep industry expertise that address your goals in five key areas: climate risk…

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Carhartt: una supply chain più smart grazie a IBM Planning Analytics

Per rispondere alla rapida crescita delle vendite, Carhartt ha implementato la soluzione IBM Planning Analytics per prevedere in modo intelligente la domanda e automatizzare gli approvvigionamenti,…

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Carhartt: IBM Planning Analyticsによるスマートなサプライチェーン計画

Carharttは130年以上にわたり、頑丈で耐久性のあるワーク&ウィークエンド・ウェアを作り続けている。同社のビジネスの多くは、卸売業者を通じた補充可能な主力製品のリピート購入によるものです。急激な売上増加に対応するため、Carhartt社はIBM Planning…

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Carhartt: cadena de suministro más inteligente con IBM Planning Analytics

Para responder al rápido crecimiento de las ventas, Carhartt implementó la solución IBM Planning Analytics para predecir la demanda y automatizar el reabastecimiento de forma…

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Carhartt: Smartere Lieferkettenplanung mit IBM Planning Analytics

Um auf das schnelle Umsatzwachstum zu reagieren, implementiert Carhartt die IBM Planning Analytics Lösung, um dieNachfrage intelligent vorherzusagen und das Auffüllen zu…

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Carhartt : la planification intelligente de la chaîne d'approvisionnement avec IBM Planning Analytics

Pour répondre à la croissance rapide des ventes, Carhartt a mis en œuvre la solution IBM Planning Analytics, qui lui permet d'établir des prévisions…

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Carhartt:利用 IBM Planning Analytics 实现更智能的供应链规划

为了应对销售额的快速增长,Carhartt 实施了 IBM Planning Analytics 解决方案,以智能预测需求,自动补货,从而可以向其批发客户提供更高水平的服务。

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Making fashion transparent; a retailers prespective

Sustainability consultant, Mike Barry discusses the challenges retailers face with achieving a transparent supply chain in the quest to become more sustainable.

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IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite Demo

See firsthand how IBM Supply Chain Intelligence Suite can be used to accelerate problem resolution and improve staff productivity by identifying, prioritizing, assigning and addressing one of your…

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IBM Supply Chain Control Tower Demo

In this demo, you'll see how IBM® Supply Chain Control Tower, powered by the industry-leading AI, provides actionable visibility to orchestrate your end-to-end supply chain network,…

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How Vinturas is using blockchain in the car logistics supply chain

From paper to digital in the automotive industry. Do you know the journey your car traveled from factory to dealer? By implementing IBM’s blockchain technology, Vinturas designed a solution…

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Accelerating CGF Coalitions of Action: Gaining Adoption of Industry-Wide Standards

IBM Special Session at CGF Summit on Supply Chain traceability, with Luq Niazi, IBM Industry GM, and Anne Godfrey, CEO GS1 UK.

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Video zur Kundengeschichte von Renault

Groupe Renault entwickelte und ist wesentlicher Bestandteil des wachsenden Blockchain-Projekt , um bei der Zertifizierung der Fahrzeugkonformität neue Maßstäbe zu setzen. XCEED ist…

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Renault müşteri hikayesi videosu

Groupe Renault, araç uyumluluğunun belgelendirilmesini daha da ileriye taşımaya yönelik büyüyen bir blok zinciri projesini geliştirdi ve bu projenin büyük bir…

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