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Caso de cliente de Siemens Gamesa + Azure + IBM Consulting

Esta historia de colaboración a hiperescala transmite cómo Siemens Gamesa se ha asociado con IBM Consulting para reducir el tiempo de lanzamiento al mercado para la energía…

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IBM & Siemens Partnership Video

This video announces a collaboration between Siemens, IBM and Red Hat to accelerate digital transformation across the manufacturing industry. The joint initiative will apply IBM’s open, hybrid…

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Siemens : 인공지능, 블록체인, 사물인터넷 기술을 통해 탄소 배출량 감소

이산화탄소 배출량 감소는 Siemens가 중요하게 생각하는 기업 문화입니다. 직원들은 인공지능 솔루션을 활용하여 이산화탄소가 적게 배출되는 친환경적인 여행 가이드를 만들고, 탄소 제로의 미래를 향한 길을 열었습니다.

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The Journey to AI: Siemens reduces its carbon footprint with AI, blockchain and IoT

Working with IBM’s Data Science and AI Elite team, Siemens used Watson Assistant to build an interactive travel advisor for the BMW i8 to showcase how they could harness AI and Blockchain to…

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