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The human side of HR—Fostering genuine connections with AI

Can AI help build a world where your resumes don’t end up in a black hole and companies can find the right candidates easily? Listen to host Albert Lawrence, Jon Lester, VP of HR, technology,…

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Re-imagining Data Integration with top trends and innovations

Learn from IBM’s team of SMEs about the top trends in the data integration space and best practices on how customers are leveraging new methods and technologies.

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Scale your tech with a dynamic duo - AI and hybrid cloud

The key to harnessing AI’s full potential is integrating it across all your data – whether on-prem, in the cloud, or at the edge. In this episode, our host Albert Lawrence and guests…

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CHRO 2024

IBM Session at the 2024 CHRO event

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Rethink Finance workflows with AI

Generative AI has the power to reshape finance. Infusing everyday operations with smart technology and enhance accuracy and boost productivity. By focusing on tangible outcomes like enhanced…

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One global team, infinite innovation

The role technology plays in helping companies compete and succeed has never been greater. IBM and Oracle have partnered for decades to help companies embrace cutting-edge technology, respond quickly…

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Rethink IT spend with AI

When it comes to IT, where do you invest? Declan Coombs, Cloud & Technology Advisory Partner at IBM, shows how FinOps and AI can empower teams to make better decisions and add value to the…

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IBM and KKB drive better financial inclusion in Türkiye

Financial institution Credit Bureau of Türkiye (Kredi Kayıt Bürosu-KKB) and IBM have had a long-term partnership, driving better financial inclusion in Türkiye with over 80 …

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AI in Action - The Podcast

AI in Action explores what it takes to put artificial intelligence into action across a rapidly evolving business and tech landscape. Each episode focuses on responsible AI implementation and…

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Rethink Finance with AI

For today’s CFOs to be true financial stewards of their organization, they need to be focused on maximizing ROI throughout the business, including technology. Generative AI has become critical,…

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IBM and Akbank join forces to revolutionize business performance

IBM and Akbank are joining forces to revolutionize business performance management with IBM Cloud Paks, enabling 7,000 users with tailor-made reporting dashboards. Watch this video featuring Aynur…

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IBM z16: Built to build the future of business

Announced in April 2022, IBM z16™ introduced breakthrough technologies such as real-time AI inferencing at scale and quantum-safe cryptography.Now one year later, IBM is announcing new members…

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Rethink talent skill & development with AI

What if generative AI could help you create more personalized and interactive experiences to prepare your employees and business with the skills of the future – and at scale?

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Rethink talent acquisition with AI

What if generative AI could help you create more nuanced and interactive experiences that can help your business more effectively find and recruit the best talent – at scale?

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Rethink HR and talent transformation with AI

What if generative AI could free up your employees to focus when and where it matters most?

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Jumpstart your digital transformation with Salesforce Automotive Cloud

Join IBM Consulting and Salesforce for a 45-minute discussion of The State of Salesforce’s four primary insights that help top performers in the automotive industry realize more value from the…

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