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Toyota + IBM :さらにスマートで よりデジタルな工場へ

トヨタ インディアナ工場では、1分に1台の新車が組立ラインで出来上がります。その車両の組み立てにおける各プロセスは完璧でなければならず、ダウンタイムと欠陥をゼロにすることがビジネス上重要です。トヨタが、IBM Maximo Health and Predictを使用し、さらにスマートで、よりデジタルな工場を作り出す方法をご覧ください。

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Partnering with eBiZolution to drive Digital Transformation in the Philippines

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株式会社JERAの変革 デジタル・パワープラント・プロジェクト


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Success Stories | Case XP Inc.

A parceria entre IBM e XP Inc. usa a tecnologia como peça-chave na transformação digital da gigante de investimentos. A implementação da tecnologia #IBMWatson…

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UAL Client Story Video

When COVID-19 made traditional, in-person showcases impossible, the prestigious design college, University of the Arts London, partnered with IBM Cloud to showcase and celebrate the resilience and…

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AUDI AG accelerates path to new business insights with IBM and SAP

Luxury automobile manufacturer Audi in Germany reduces database size by 50%, accelerates data loading to 100 times faster and decreases the number of physical systems for SAP workloads by 66% when it…

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Meeting business growth needs with an advanced workflow platform

Listen to leaders from 4Ways Healthcare Limited discuss how using an advanced workflow platform from IBM Watson Health enabled them to meet their business growth needs. Hear how the expertise of the…

From  CHQMKT_Health - Multicloud service provider expands globally with IBM Cloud maintains the highest standards for quality and client satisfaction by delivering its business continuity services on IBM Cloud.

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Arauco cultiva las semillas para un crecimiento sostenible con IBM Rapid Move e IBM Cloud

La compañía global de producción forestal colabora con IBM en su camino a la transformación digital. Lea más:

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BRF + IBM: Simplificar la gestión de multicloud híbrido

BRF S.A. es uno de los grandes productores de alimentos frescos y congelados del mundo. Los productos de la compañía brasileña llegan a 150 países de 5 continentes.…

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Weather Data 기반 Data & AI 활용 방안 (네이버/롯데홈쇼핑 사례)

우리는 흔히 날씨를 Data의 측면에서 이해하고 활용하였으나, 최근 날씨 정보가 기업의 생산성 향상에 크게 기여하고 있다는 인식이 확산되고 있습니다.그러나 단순한 날씨정보와 기업정보의 융합 또는 분석만으로는 기업이 원하는 결과를 도출하기 어려울수 있습니다. 본 세션에서는 이러한 고민과 도전을 어떻게 극복할 수 있는지에 대해 글로벌, 국내 사례를 통해…

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IBM firm help improve online presence for Wienerberger with SAP & Adobe

Wienerberger AG is the world’s largest producer of bricks. The traditional company’s goal is to improve people’s quality of life with integrated clay solutions, services, and…

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뉴노멀 시대의 빅데이터와 AI

본 세션에서는 신사업, 제품개발, 제조, 영업마케팅, 재무, HR 분야의 빅데이터 기반 가치 창출의 사례를 소개합니다. 기업에서 가치 창출을 일상화하기 위한 4단계 절차와 리더, 분석가, 의사결정자 각각의 역할에 대해 알아봅니다.

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데이터 활용으로 시작되는 기업의 경쟁력

데이터를 통해 AI 활용 및 경쟁력을 극대화하는 방법을 알아보시기 바랍니다. 글로벌 호텔 체인 기업 메리어트 인터내셔널과 의료산업 Anthem이 패널 게스트로 출연하여, 데이터 활용을 통한 성공사례를 소개합니다.

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PayPal giving fund and IBM empower philanthropy with SAP S/4HANA Cloud

When its on-premises system could no longer keep up with growth, PayPal Giving Fund (PPGF) migrated its ERP platform to SAP S/4HANA® Cloud. Using a one-team, best practices approach, IBM and SAP…

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How Netezza Performance Server led to faster queries, deeper insights and AI success

Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data improves query and ingestion speeds with a simple upgrade. This allows more questions to be asked for deeper insight and more efficient model…

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