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Groupe Casino: IBM 기술로 소매점 재구성

소매점의 종말 시대는 당분간 오지 않을 것이며, 오프라인 매장의 미래도 충분히 보장되지만, 시대의 변화에 발맞추어 혁신하지 않으면 경쟁에서 도태될 수밖에 없습니다. 프랑스의 대형 소매업체 Groupe Casino는 IBM 기술을 도입하며 방문 고객의 매장 경험을 완벽하게 변화시켰습니다. 식당, 식료품점, 미식 코너, 와인 셀러, 쇼룸, 업무 협업 공간…

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KONE : IBM AI 및 IoT 서비스를 통해 24/7 예측적 유지보수 수행

엘리베이터, 에스컬레이터,오토워크 및 자동문을 만드는 회사 Kone은 watson IoT, IBM 클라우드 기능, 메시징 서비스로 7/24 가능한 유지보수 예측을 통해 연중무휴 서비스를 제공할 수 있었습니다.

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IBM Engineering MBSE Product Demo Video

Modern day engineering teams are embracing MBSE to help bridge the gap between requirements and product testing. IBM Systems Design provides the tools needed to leverage MBSE for software and product…

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Atkins Global Making cities smarter with IBM Maximo

Learn more about IBM #Maximo for Civil #Infrastructure here: I f you moved all of the inhabitants out of a city, what would you have left? People are the most…

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Mitsufuji and IBM: Real-time worker safety insights from AI and IoT

Mitsufuji Corporation transformed their business with IBM WatsonIoT to build an Internet of Things solution that captures, analyzes and tracks users’ heart rate, location and other…

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The evolution of asset maintenance from preventive to predictive with John Meyers of CHS, Inc

John Myers of CHS, Inc. has been working with Maximo for over 20 years and has witnessed the evolution of enterprise asset management from preventive maintenance to predictive with the cloud and IoT.…

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Revolution D: Enabling Internet access to rural populations with Watson and Maximo 

Current data from the FCC indicate that approximately 19 million residents in the United States lack access to recommended Internet service levels (25 Mbps download/3 Mbps upload speed). Sadly, our…

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Teaming with IBM to Enhance Eye Surgeons Workflow in the Operating Room with IoT Technology

Bausch + Lomb, a brand synonymous with eye care, has engaged IBM to digitally transform complex eye surgery with IBM Watson IoT and the IBM Cloud. The company’s Connected Surgical Experience…

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What is Asset Performance Management?

As our world grows and changes, so do our expectations. Our future is driven by data, and the global industries sustaining our way of life depend on the optimized performance of software, systems and…

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Do you know what your assets are saying?

IBM's asset health insights solution helps you understand what your assets are saying using IoT sensors, historical data, and other data points, to optimize maintenance costs and increase…

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Schaeffler: Digital transformation to keep the world moving

The Internet of Things - billions of interconnected sensors and devices in factories, cars, trains and appliances - is moving into a new era. By tapping the power of cognitive computing,…

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L'Oréal + IBM: A Makeover for Industry 4.0

Learn how L'Oreal took on their digital transformation for Industry 4.0 by applying IBM Watson IoT to their manufacturing shops. Learn more

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