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[3세대 APM 솔루션 맛보기] 스마트하게 이상징후 경고를 설정 할 수 있어요! : Simple Mode 편

Alert을 설정하는 작업은 쉽지 않은 일입니다. KPI를 선정하는 것부터 임계값 설정까지 찾아가는 과정과 Best Practice가 무엇인지 많은 경험을 통해서만 가능합니다. Instana에서 제공되는 Smart Alert은 이러한 문제점을 인지하고 보다 쉽고직관적인 Alert 설정 프로세스를 생성하게 되는데요 그게 Smart Alert…


Chatting with IBM Z ChatOps 1.1.0

IBM Z ChatOps was generally available on Nov 3, 2020. Watch this demo video to learn about how to chat with the bot user of IBM Z ChatOps and ask it to show the resource information that you need…

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How Netezza Performance Server led to faster queries, deeper insights and AI success

Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data improves query and ingestion speeds with a simple upgrade. This allows more questions to be asked for deeper insight and more efficient model…

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Boosting query speeds with a simple upgrade to Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Dana Rafiee explains why Destiny Corporation, a consulting company, is excited about the new Netezza Performance Server's ability to help clients query data faster with a simple upgrade. He also…

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Create a Simple DataStage Job

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