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Lab 1: Load data into a database

This video demonstrates how to load data into an integrated Db2 database in IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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451 Research: The convergence of data lakes and data warehouses

Learn more about the convergence of data lakes and data warehouses from 451 Research's Matt Aslett

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What is a Data Warehouse?

What’s is a data warehouse, and how does it compare to a data mart and data lake? Is a data warehouse solution only for large enterprises? In this lightboard video, Luv Aggarwal with IBM…

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Reimagining the data architecture with Associated Bank and IBM

For years, organizations have divided their analytics architecture into two core pieces. Teams explored, refined, and trained models on semi-structured data within a data lake, and then moved…

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IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Continuous Replication Demo

This video provides a short demonstration of IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud Continuous Replication.

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The Chefs’ Warehouse: Serving up the right ingredients to facilitate growth

How could The Chef’s Warehouse integrate newly acquired foodservice businesses rapidly? With Oracle JD Edwards Enterprise One, chefs’ orders are delivered exactly as promised,…

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Vektis: 데이터로 의료보험 서비스 수준 향상

Vektis의 CEO인 Herman Bennema으로부터 IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud가 의료 보험 데이터에 대한 깊은 통찰력과 함께 저렴하고 수준 높은 서비스가 가능하게 한 이야기를 들어보세요.

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RSG Media : IBM Db2 on Cloud로 미디어 플랜에 대한 혁신 시도

미디어 회사 RSG Media는 IBM Db2로 더 크고 더 복잡한 데이터 세트로부터 심층 인사이트를 얻기 위한 자체 분석 플랫폼을 마이그레이션했습니다.

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How Netezza Performance Server led to faster queries, deeper insights and AI success

Netezza Performance Server on IBM Cloud Pak for Data improves query and ingestion speeds with a simple upgrade. This allows more questions to be asked for deeper insight and more efficient model…

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RSG Media + IBM: Revolutionizing media plans with IBM Db2 on Cloud

Find out why Shiv Sehgal of RSG Media is all smiles when discussing the advantages of IBM Db2 on Cloud: instantly processing, automating, scaling and making data accessible - freeing the organization…

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使用 MPP 扩展 IBM Db2 Warehouse-Scaling out Db2 Warehouse with MPP

使用 MPP 扩展 IBM Db2 Warehouse-Scaling out Db2 Warehouse with MPP

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Vektis: Improving healthcare quality through data

Hear firsthand why Herman Bennema, CEO of Vektis, says IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is the heart of his organization, enabling affordable, high-quality care with deep insight into medical insurance…

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American University of Cairo: Using data to improve the university experience.

Learn how Dr. Iman Megahed is using data stored on IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud and IBM Cognos to improve the university experience at the American University of Cairo.

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Exemples de migration de données

En savoir plus sur les solutions de migration de données : La migration de données consiste à transférer des données…

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Data Migration Explained

Data migration is the process of transferring data between one computer storage system to another and is crucial for businesses that need server or storage equipment replacements, maintenance or…

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What is Infrastructure as Code?

These days it's increasingly crucial to automate your infrastructure as applications can be deployed into production up to hundreds of times per day. Check out this lightboard video with Sai…

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