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Go further with your marketing. Go further with IBM

IBM Co-Marketing presents our Business Partners with an opportunity to expand the scope and frequency of their marketing efforts to increase Brand awareness, thought leadership and tap into new…

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services reaches milestone with 100+ Ecosystem Partners

Nearly one year after we introduced partners to the world’s first financial services-ready cloud, we’re pleased to announce that the platform is now backed by more than 100 ecosystem…

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Smart Vision and IBM: Seizing Opportunities to Scale

Mohamed Zohdi, MD of Smart Vision, shares the value attributed by becoming an IBM 'Build' partner. From access to technical expertise and growing revenues multifold, Smart Vision has been…

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JLL and IBM: Smart Solutions for Smart Cities

Meet Benjamin Jackson from JLL narrating their experience on how they have leveraged IBM Garage capabilities and 'Build' partnership to enhance their marquee solution - Prism, offering…

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Ideatolife and IBM: Re-engineer. Accelerate. Win.

Ali Zein, CEO of Ideatolife, narrates his experience of collaborating with IBM and how their organization is able to reduce the time to market for their flagship solutions by becoming a…

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The Partner Ecosystem on IBM Cloud for Financial Services

Our partners create consistent reliable services and more personalized experiences every day on the IBM Cloud. We asked partners why they chose the IBM Cloud for Financial Services. Here’s what…

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Prolifics and IBM

Learn how Prolifics is working with IBM to deliver consistent cloud services anywhere with IBM Cloud Satellite.

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An agile culture

Discover the core principles of the agile way of working and how this approach can improve your productivity and team work.

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Be grateful!

Learn how practicing gratitude can help you both in your personal and professional life.

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Hybrid Cloud Architecture Part 3: Security

Sai Vennam is back for the third and final installation of our lightboarding video series on hybrid cloud architecture, and this time, he’s focusing on the ever-important topic of…

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Hybrid Cloud Architecture Part 2: Modernize

In the second part of our lightboarding video series on hybrid cloud architecture, Sai Vennam is focusing on strategies to modernize legacy or monolithic applications. Sai…

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Hybrid Cloud Architecture Part 1: Connectivity

In this first part of our series on hybrid cloud architecture, Sai Vennam is going to take a look at Connectivity. He'll explain how you can connect your various cloud…

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Meet the person behind the role Gerold Gutti

Gerold Gutti is the Director of IBM Marketing Services Center Europe and MEA, but also an inspiring leader and a passionate beekeeper.

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You speak, we listen

This is what we mean when we say "We value your feedback!". Thank you for helping us improve and change.

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Key insights on web optimization

Improve your web pages with these valuable insights from our subject matter experts.

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Search Engine Optimization Essentials

Discover the SEO essentials in about three minutes. If you want to learn more about this topic, check out the IBM Strategic Marketing Path to Growth training, available on IBM Training.

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