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IBM Partner Plus Deep Dive

Welcome to IBM Partner Plus! In this video, you'll hear from Todd Grube, Vice President, Global Partner Sales, IBM Ecosystem, as he dives into IBM's new partner program. He covers the new…

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IBM x SAP 長期パートナーシップにおける今後の展望

IBMとSAPの50年に及ぶパートナーシップを活かし、今日の課題、明日の機会や脅威に対し、クラウドを活用して変革できるよう取り組んでいます。また、エコシステムの重要性はかつてなく高まっています。IBMとSAPが共創することの価値についてご紹介します。 IBM Cloud のSAPソリューション

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Collaboration. With IBM Partner Portal

With IBM Partner Portal, IBM Sellers and Business Partners can collaborate better and easier.

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Simplicity. With IBM Partner Portal

At IBM, we strive for simplicity. Especially simplicity for our Business Partners. To move towards simplicity, we now have the IBM Partner Portal, which brings together the best of our tools and…

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NDS & IBM: História de sucesso na implementação de um chatbot omnicanal

Descubra como o parceiro de tecnologia NDS juntamente com as soluções IBM ajudaram a fintech Clip a inovar e construir soluções disruptivas que atendem aos clientes de…

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Conheça os benefícios da parceria IBM

Business partner, parceiro de negócio ou parceiro comercial. Na IBM existe um jeito próprio de chamar os parceiros de tecnologia: Build, Service e Sell. Todos eles contam com…

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IBM Cloud for Financial Services reaches milestone with 100+ Ecosystem Partners

Nearly one year after we introduced partners to the world’s first financial services-ready cloud, we’re pleased to announce that the platform is now backed by more than 100 ecosystem…

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Prolifics and IBM

Learn how Prolifics is working with IBM to deliver consistent cloud services anywhere with IBM Cloud Satellite.

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Modernización de aplicaciones en banca y el ecosistema

¿Qué tal modernizar sus aplicaciones bancarias y comprender verdaderamente el papel del ecosistema de socios de IBM en la búsqueda de soluciones dedicadas al sector…

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Anthem Video - IBM Partner Ecosystem Rally 2021

Let's create what's next, together.

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Melissa Sassi - IBM & Startup Magic

Melissa Sassi is the Global Head of IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator focused on empowering early-stage entrepreneurs through technology and business acceleration, technology credits, comarketing,…

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我有故事,你有酒吗?IBM Partner 高玩经验大公开!

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IBM Partner Engagement Manager

There is a faster, automated way to onboard your partners. See how IBM Partner Engagement Manager can help you centralize onboarding, prevent disruptions from expired security certificates and…

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IBM Partner Heroes: LegalMation & Walmart

By nature, litigation is time-consuming. It can take a junior associate at a law firm a whole day to draft a single complaint.

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IBM Partner Heroes: Uncubed & BuzzFeed

Qualified candidates are slipping through HR cracks, and job applicants are miserably faceless in the sea of job openings.

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