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Migrate to IBM POWER9 - boost performance and your business

This video is an illustration of performance improvement moving a workload from IBM POWER8 to POWER9. This shows transactions improvement from the Online Transactional Processing Application…

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Ecogas: Fueling growth & building key analytics capabilities with IBM and SAP

A natural gas distribution company in Argentina accelerates compliance reporting to 83 percent faster than before and payments processing to 73 percent faster when it upgrades its IT systems to SAP…

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Why Are Customers Choosing POWER8 Instead of x86 Systems?

Discover why architecture matters and why POWER8 delivers at least twice the performance at a lower cost than the latest x86 systems.

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Deploy Deep Learning Webcast

In this webinar you'll learn implementation hurdles, comparing common frameworks and performance considerations using POWER8 with NVLink.

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Indus Motor Company boosts manufacturing efficiency with IBM Power Systems

Indus Motor Company is transforming front-to-back operations with SAP S/4HANA® on high-performance IBM® POWER8® servers—empowering its data-driven decision-makers to boost…

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South Shore Furniture improves delivery with SAP HANA on IBM POWER8

South Shore Furniture exploits the speed & reliability of SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems to meet their goal of delivering to their customers within 24 hours. Using SAP Business Warehouse and…

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Wurth Enhances Efficiency and Insights with SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems

To ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction and to sharpen its competitive edge, Würth Group improves business efficiency by leveraging the latest technologies, including IBM POWER8…

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Charmacy Pharmaceutical finds the perfect cure with IBM Power Systems

A pharmaceutical distribution company in China accelerates decision making processes, deepens insight and gains the ability to stay ahead of the demand for medical supplies and improve customer…

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Seidor enhances performance & customer satisfaction with SAP HANA on IBM Power8

A multinational technology company in Spain increases reliability, scalability and performance, boosts cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction and retention and optimizes data center resources,…

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TalkTalk - creating loyalty with IBM infrastructure

TalkTalk transforms the customer experience by utilizing analytics to create a unique "best offer" for each customer, thus aiding retention. The TalkTalk cloud infrastructure utilizes IBM…

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