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개방형 하이브리드 클라우드 접근방식

개방형 시스템은 비즈니스에 어떤 도움이 될까요? IBM 및 Red Hat과 함께하는 개방형 하이브리드 클라우드 접근방식으로 IT 투자를 최대한 활용하는 방법을 알아보세요.

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Simplifying the management of your Kubernetes and Red Hat OpenShift clusters

HCI welcomes Joe Cropper in a video session on an exciting technology, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, which can be used to manage #kubernetes and #redhatopenshift clusters at enterprise scale.

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Bringing hybrid cloud technology to the network edge

A US-based multinational technology provider helps customers build innovative edge computing solutions by harnessing IBM Cloud services in near-real-time when it integrates IBM Cloud Satellite with…

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IBM & Siemens Partnership Video

This video announces a collaboration between Siemens, IBM and Red Hat to accelerate digital transformation across the manufacturing industry. The joint initiative will apply IBM’s open, hybrid…

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Edge Computing in Space - NASA ISS x IBM Space Tech

NASA x ISS Animation

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Cómo montar su analítica de datos sobre OpenShift con IBM Cloud Pak for Data

IBM Cloud Pak™ for Data es una plataforma de datos e IA completamente integrada que moderniza la forma en que las empresas recopilan, organizan y analizan los datos e integran la inteligencia…

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LOTTECARD partners with IBM Services to enhance their digital experience for customers

LOTTECARD aspires to transform itself into a ‘Digital Platform Enterprise’ that can proactively adapt to evolving requirements of the mobile business environment while delivering security…

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FAQ: Hybrid multicloud on IBM Power Systems - LA (BR-PT)

Neste vídeo, Joe Cropper, o arquiteto-chefe do IBM Power Systems Hybrid Multicloud, responde seis perguntas principais de clientes IBM Power Systems em torno de sua estratégia geral de…

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基于 IBM Cloud 的 Red Hat OpenShift 提供了一个托管但原生的 Kubernetes 环境

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