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IBM OpenPages Operational Risk Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to automate the process of identifying, measuring, monitoring, analyzing, and managing operational risk.

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IBM OpenPages Regulatory Compliance Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to drive efficient end-to-end regulatory compliance management.

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Using IBM Virtual Test Platform for Integration Testing in a CICS Environment

Virtual Test Platform (VTP) provides the capability to record CICS transaction executions and replay them in isolation using stubbing techniques. This video showcases the recording process for CICS…

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IBM Virtual Test Platform (VTP); Configuring VTP on z/OS

To configure Virtual Test Platform (VTP) on z/OS, some mandatory tasks must be performed to ensure the correct execution of testcases. This video highlights the main steps of the configuration…

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IBM Virtual Test Platform; Using the Host Configuration Assistant

The Host Configuration Assistant (HCA) is designed to help z/OS system programmers configure their z/OS environments when installing IBM DevOps solutions. After selecting the products they would like…

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Why IBM Financial Services Cloud Matters

The IPC Payment-as-a-Service platform is delivered on IBM Cloud for Financial Services, a public cloud that's built for trust and security. It's designed to address financial…

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A cognitive platform connecting all of the ecosystem players

The IPC Payments-as-a-Service Platform is delivered on IBM Cloud for for Financial Services, a public cloud that's built for trust and security . It's designed to address financial…

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IBM OpenPages Data Privacy Management: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how OpenPages Data Privacy Management brings a compliance focus to data governance, helping organizations take a proactive approach to privacy reporting. To learn more…

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Schlumberger applies hybrid cloud for growth

Schlumberger applies IBM's hybrid cloud approach, using Red Hat OpenShift, to expand the market for its exploration & production software suite. This containerized platform enables…

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Intel+IBM: Driving Energy Transformation through the OSDU Data Platform

The video shows how Intel and IBM are working together through the OSDU Forum to integrate IBM ODI with Intel hardware to make edge and connected hybrid clouds more secure, open, flexible and…

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Deliver quality data with a unified data and AI platform

Discover how you can deliver quality data using IBM's dataOps methodology integrated within the unified data and AI platform, IBM Cloud Pak for Data. Empower your teams to deliver trusted,…

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Cloud without Compromise Event Video- Workfusion and IBM Cloud

Kyle Hoback, Director of Intelligent Automation at WorkFusion, uses IBM Cloud and the Workfusion AI-driven intelligent automation platform to help companies (especially those in regulated industries)…

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New innovations in WebSphere -- an application platform for all your enterprise’s needs

Successful Application Modernization is essential to increase agility and to free up organizations to focus on innovation. The WebSphere Portfolio of solutions can help deliver successful application…

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借助 IBM Satellite 随处部署并运行应用

IBM Cloud Platform副总裁兼首席技术官 Jason McGee 解释了 IBM Cloud Satellite 的核心理念,以及它如何帮助您获得云的力量,以及 IBM Cloud在世界任何地方您需要它的力量。

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IBM OpenPages with Watson: Overview

IBM OpenPages with Watson transforms the way risk and compliance professionals work. By providing core services and functional components on a scalable platform that spans operational risk,…

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Transformação CX Inteligente com IBM e Adobe

O consumidor moderno espera personalização em todo o ciclo de vida do cliente. É nossa responsabilidade alinhar-nos com as expectativas em constante evolução e…

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