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Think2021: Session #2302 Empowering a resilient sustainable future

Sustainability is a business imperative. Climate change, dwindling natural resources, and other hazards are disrupting business in unexpected ways, compelling organizations to transform the way they…

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Intelligently predict and automate outcomes with IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Discover how an integrated data and AI platform, such as IBM Cloud Pak for Data, can help your teams intelligently predict and automate outcomes through trustworthy AI. Learn how the platform…

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IDC Leadership Conversation: Integrating AI

10-minute fireside chat between IDC Analyst Jennifer Hamel and IBM's Betsy Schaefer on how organizations are meeting rising customer and employee expectations by embedding AI into workflows.

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Overview Video for Cloud Broker

IBM® z/OS® Cloud Broker provides access to z/OS® resources and services from Red Hat® OpenShift® Container Platform, which enables you to integrate your z/OS infrastructure with…

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Spotlight on: How are businesses adapting to new ways of working?

Leading businesses are accelerating their digital transformation efforts now, and IBM has developed an approach to advance our clients. In this video, learn about the 3 key elements of this approach:…

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Talent Strategies: Emerging Smarter with Intelligent Workflows and Humanity

Junte-se a nós enquanto discutimos as ações que podemos realizar agora como indivíduos, como líderes e como organizações para criar um negócio…

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z/OSMF Workflows Tutorial - Discover z/OS Features & Manipulate Data Set

For more information, visit z/OSMF One Stop Hub: IBM z/OSMF provides system management functions in a task-orientated, web-browser-based user interface with integrated…

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Talent Strategies: Emerging Smarter with Intelligent Workflows and Humanity LA - CO-ES

15 minutes duration

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Intelligent workflows: predictive, automated, agile and transparent

Let's talk about intelligent workflows. Workflows are how things get done in an organization, while intelligent workflows are predictive, automated, agile and transparent. By making more…

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Asan Medical Center embarks on a digital transformation journey with IBM Services

With a vison to become a Smart Hospital, Asan Medical Center (AMC) was seeking to improve customer service and operational efficiency through technology. AMC collaborated with IBM Services to…

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자동화 및 AI로 비즈니스 복원력 구축

왜 지금 당장 고도의 자동화가 필요할까요? 기업들은 새로운 도전과제에 직면해 있으며, 업무 방식을 바꿀 필요가 있습니다. 미래 지향적인 기업은 자동화 및 AI를 활용하여 핵심 강점을 강화하고, 약점을 보완하며, 직원들이 중요한 것에 집중할 수 있도록 지원합니다.

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변화에 대응하도록 구축된 스마트 비즈니스

스마트한 비즈니스 구축을 통해, 통찰력 있는 속도로 행동하여 지속적인 성장을 추진합니다. IBM이 어떻게 업계 최고의 기술과 입증된 코그너티브 엔터프라이즈 로드맵을 제공하여 규모에 맞게 비즈니스를 혁신하고, 복잡한 변경 관리의 일반적인 실수를 방지할 수 있는 선도적 혁신 파트너인지 확인할 수 있습니다. 적절한 전문지식과 안전한 AI 애플리케이션을 통해…

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지능형 워크플로우에 관해 알아야 하는 세 가지 사실

지능형 워크플로우가 어떻게 데이터의 조화를 이루고 백오피스, 미들오피스, 프론트오피스를 통합하는지 알아보세요.

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