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Orchestrating the flow of life with watsonx

Water Corporation is responsible for the flow of critical water services to millions across Western Australia.Partnering with IBM Consulting and AWS, Water Corporation adopted an AI-enhanced cloud…

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Maximize your cloud potential with Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Turbonomic

Customers are moving to Red Hat OpenShift to manage hybrid technologies and applications to scale across any infrastructure. But as your application management footprint grows, it’s not easy to…

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Red Hat OpenShift AI on IBM Cloud- Deploy AI workloads

Enable AI capabilities with Red Hat Openshift on IBM Cloud! From now on, clients can use the Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Cloud to enable the flexible, scalable machine learning operations platform with…

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IBM watsonx at the Masters

IBM works with the Masters to design, develop, and deliver the digital experiences found in the Masters app and website. This year, IBM Consulting is using generative AI models developed with IBM…

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The Masters digital platform

The Masters digital infrastructure runs workloads across multiple clouds from multiple vendors. This “hybrid by design” architecture—enabled by Red Hat OpenShift—increases…

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Accelerate Ansible Playbook Creation with IBM Watsonx Code Assistant

IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Red Hat Ansible Lightspeed leverages generative AI to accelerate the creation of Ansible Playbooks and helps organizations implement IT automation. See how it works as…

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Harvey Mason jr., CEO of the Recording Academy

The Recording Academy and IBM are using generative AI from watsonx to instantly produce stories and insights about hundreds of GRAMMY-nominated artists. Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason Jr. talks…

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Spring Boot versus Quarkus

Is it possible to write slim, light, fast boot time, low-memory footprint Java applications? Using a Java framework provides reusable pre-written code templates that help speed up development and…

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Red Hat Marketplace - Partner Briefing Video

Partner briefing on how to get onboard IBM Red Hat Marketplace, presented by Josh Scribner. Explore now

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The hybrid cloud: How to optimize your cloud journey

Discover the importance of mapping your key workload journeys and having the right platforms in place to ensure their success. Learn how to transform key workloads and metalware to a hybrid cloud…

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IBM Power, IBM Consulting, Red Hat, Temenos를 통한 은행 업무의 디지털 전환

은행 업계 고객사의 현대화를 돕기 위해 손을 잡은 IBM과 Temenos 전문가들의 이야기를 들어보세요.

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Transformation numérique des services bancaires avec IBM Power, IBM Consulting, Red Hat et Temenos

Écoutez s'exprimer les spécialistes d’IBM et de Temenos et découvrez comment ils collaborent pour aider les clients du secteur bancaire tout au long de leur parcours…

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IBM technology at the GRAMMYs

Recording Academy President Panos A. Panay explains how the team at IBM Consulting is helping the Recording Academy optimize its use of Salesforce, unlocking the full potential of the platform to…

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Banking digital transformation with IBM Power, IBM Consulting, Red Hat and Temenos

Listen to experts from IBM and Temenos review how they are partnering to help clients in the banking industry with their modernization journey.

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Payment solution :Tap on Mobile

日本カードネットワーク様とIBMは新しい決済ソリューション「Tap on Mobile」を開発しました。このTap on Mobileの仕組みを作るため、IBM ConsultingとTechnologyを採用いただきました。

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How hybrid cloud drives velocity

IBM’s JJ Asghar demystifies the journey to cloud-native. “If you’re simply reacting to what your competition is doing, you're losing,” says JJ Asghar, developer…

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