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Watsonx.governance: Monitor AI models with Amazon SageMaker

IBM watsonx.governance integrates with Amazon SageMaker so you can monitor your AI models. Watch the demo to see how it works

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IBM watsonx.governance: Direct, manage and monitor your GenAI and ML models, anywhere

Watch the demo to learn about IBM watsonx.governance and how it helps you govern generative AI and ML models, evaluate and monitor for model health, accuracy, drift and bias, and access powerful…

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Tuning Your AI Model to Reduce Hallucinations

You've probably heard a lot about AI hallucination, but is that a permanent flaw with gen AI or can it be diminished or eliminated through prompting techniques? In this video, IBM Distinguished…

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Model monitoring with IBM watsonx.governance

Watch the demo to see how IBM watsonx.governance brings model monitoring capabilities to both generative AI and machine learning models, including performance metrics and more. Try today.

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Model evaluation and documentation with IBM watsonx.governance

IBM watsonx.governance is a one-stop automated toolkit built to govern both generative AI and machine learning (ML) models on the IBM watsonx platform. See how model evaluation and documentation…

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How to Build Enterprise-Ready Foundation Models

Building a trustworthy and efficient, high-performing foundation model requires care. IBM’s Kate Soule walks us through each step of the AI pipeline.Learn more →…

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Risk of Large Language Models (LLM)

Large language models (LLMs) like chatGPT can generate authoritative-sounding prose on many topics and domains, they are also prone to just "make stuff up". Literally plausible sounding…

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Generative Models Explained

Generative AI has stunned the world with its ability to create realistic images, code, and dialogue. Here, IBM expert Kate Soule explains how a popular form of generative AI, large language models,…

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IBM OpenPages with Watson: Visão geral

O IBM OpenPages with Watson transforma o modo como os profissionais de risco e conformidade trabalham, ao entregar uma visão holística do risco e das responsabilidades…

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IBM Z System Automation 4.3 – APG Model 2 Conversion

This video introduces how to convert certain MOVE and SERVER application groups from model 1 to model 2 in seconds by using the new CONVERT or CV command. For more information, see How to…

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Build and deploy a model tutorial: Trustworthy AI: Data fabric in Cloud Pak for Data

Take this tutorial to test and validate model performance with the MLOps and Trustworthy AI use case of the data fabric trial. Your goal is to train a model to predict which applicants qualify for…

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IBM OpenPages Model Risk Governance: Demo

Watch this demo to learn how to demonstrate strong model governance, reporting, and compliance as part of an integrated GRC solution.

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IBM OpenPages: Overview

IBM OpenPages transforms the way risk and compliance professionals work. By providing core services and functional components on a scalable platform that spans operational risk, regulatory…

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Prévoir et automatiser intelligemment les résultats avec IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Découvrez comment une plateforme intégrée de données et d'IA, telle qu'IBM Cloud Pak for Data, peut aider vos équipes à prévoir et…

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利用 IBM Cloud Pak for Data 智能预测和自动化结果

挖掘集成的数据和 AI 平台(如 IBM Cloud Pak for Data)如何帮助您的团队通过值得信赖的 AI 智能地预测和自动化结果。了解平台如何通过自动化的 DataOps、数据隐私和安全性、AI 监管、ModelOps 等为团队赋能。

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Intelligente Vorhersage und Automatisierung von Ergebnissen mit IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Entdecken Sie, wie eine integrierte Daten- und KI-Plattform, wie z. B. IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Ihre Teams bei der intelligenten Vorhersage und Automatisierung von Ergebnissen durch…

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