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Demo: Optimize sustainability goals with IBM Planning Analytics with Watson

Watch the demo to learn how an organization used IBM Planning Analytics with Watson to help manage their sustainability goals by leveraging AI to forecast procurement demand and results. To try IBM…

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Ventana Research: Evaluate Analytics and Data Vendors for Successful Outcomes

Ventana Research recently released its independent Value Index market research evaluating 18 software vendors and products in the analytics and data technology market. The research and insights…

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Jabil interview on the future of AI capabilities in the BI space and Cognos Analytics with Watson

IBM partner PMSquare interviews Jabil on their vision for Augmented BI capabilities as part of the Cognos Analytics with Watson announcement.

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IMI Precision interview on Augmented BI capabilities in Cognos Analytics with Watson

In this interview, IBM partner, Sempre Analytics, talks to IMI Precision about their current Cognos Analytics use cases and vision for AI capabilities expanding beyond traditional BI. Learn more at…

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Cognos Analytics with Watson Announcement: Partner Clips

Hear from Cognos Analytics partners from Denmark, England, Canada, US and Mexico on what they think of Cognos becoming part of Watson brand and their expectations for the products’ future.…

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How BNZ protects customers (and the customer experience) with IBM Safer Payments

BNZ selected IBM Safer Payments, a real-time fraud detection solution that allows banks to intercept fraudulent activity before it happens, while ensuring customers genuine transactions are not…

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Analytics Hero: Frances Berger

Frances Berger, Manager of Performance & Financial Systems at Eversource Energy, has helped to evolve their FP&A processes from tedious, days-long endeavors to faster, more agile methods that…

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson Teaser Video

Announcing Cognos Analytics with Watson: now part of the Watson family! Learn more

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Data fabric in IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Cloud Pak for Data is IBM’s unified data and AI platform. With data fabric, you can connect, understand, secure, and deliver data regardless of where it lives.

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Extend planning across the enterprise

Businesses need the flexibility to pivot in real time in order to meet their customer’s needs. In order to do so, they need an extended planning and analysis (xP&a) solution that acts as a…

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Analytics Hero: Jose Balitactac

See how Jose Balitactac has helped Ancestry to unlock real-time financial insights for faster planning, reporting and forecasting. Learn more at

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IBM Watson Assistant solves customer problems the first time

IBM Watson Assistant is an AI-powered virtual agent that provides customers with fast, consistent and accurate answers across any messaging platform, application, device or channel. Using AI and NLP,…

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IBM Watson Assistant phone integration demo

Brief technical demo showcasing how to integrate IBM Watson Assistant into existing phone and SMS platforms, simplifying how conversational AI can support and improve your customer service.

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