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Remote Command Execution from IBM i to Microsoft Windows Open SSHD - Part 6: Automation Example

In this video Jerry mcKee demonstrates how remote command execution works between IBM i and Windows Open SSHD.

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IBM Watson Assistant phone integration demo

Brief technical demo showcasing how to integrate IBM Watson Assistant into existing phone and SMS platforms, simplifying how conversational AI can support and improve your customer service.

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OpenMic Watchit DEMO

Follow this link to download the slides, audio and video as well as view the Q&A from the session:

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IBM Connections Touchpoint demonstration

IBM Connections Touchpoint provides an interactive user experience that can be used for a wide variety of end user touchpoint scenarios, such as new user profile creation, community and network…

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IBM Connections Social Sidebar Demonstration

IBM Connections Social Sidebar enables users to access and share Connections content from any web page. By having immediate, in-context access to Connections capabilities, increased user adoption is…

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IBM Connections Invite Demonstration

In this demonstration, Scott Rogers steps through the capabilities that the Invite asset provides, including the workflow and management of inviting and registering external users. A full video of…

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