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Get started with AI-powered, self service analytics

Make faster, more data-driven decisions with IBM Cognos Analytics. A brief introduction to Cognos Analytics.

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It's easy! Get your answers faster with Cognos Analytics AI

How to use IBM Cognos Assistant to make better decisions, faster.

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Be The Analytics Hero with IBM Business Analytics Enterprise

With IBM Business Analytics Enterprise, you can be the analytics hero for your business with access to business intelligence and self-service analytics content, personalized for every user, in one…

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Planning Analytics 설명 - 지속 가능성 계획

IBM Planning Analytics를 사용해 지속 가능성 보고, 계획, 시뮬레이션 이니셔티브를 더욱 원활하게 관리하고 운영하는 방법을 알아보세요.Planning Analytics를 자세히 알아보려면 다음을 방문하세요.

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Planning Analytics 解读 — 可持续发展规划

了解 IBM Planning Analytics 如何帮您的组织更好地管理和运作可持续发展报告规划和模拟计划。如需了解更多关于 Planning Analytics 的信息,请访问:

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Demo: Optimize sustainability goals with IBM Planning Analytics

Watch the demo to learn how an organization used IBM Planning Analytics to help manage their sustainability goals by leveraging AI to forecast procurement demand and results. To try IBM Planning…

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Business Analytics Explained

Learn about the benefits a business analytics solution provides, such as the ability to make better data-driven decisions. To learn more about IBM Business Analytics, visit:…

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Dashboards - How to author a dashboard (11.2.2)

Dashboards help you monitor events or activities by providing key insights and analysis about your data on one or more pages or screens. This video demonstrates how a fictional coffee retailer…

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - How to share dashboard content

In this video, you will see how insights you discover with IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson can be shared with others driving collaboration. Five ways to share will be demonstrated: email and Slack…

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - How to convert a list report to a crosstab report

This video shows you how to convert a list report to a crosstab report in IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson with a click of a button. Using the crosstab offers a different perspective to viewing data…

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Ancestry : La planification sur le cloud IBM fait partie de leur ADN

Curtis Tripoli, vice-président de la planification et de l'analyse financière chez, parle de l'utilisation d'IBM Analytics et de Planning Analytics pour…

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Ancestry: Makes planning on the IBM Cloud part of their DNA

Curtis Tripoli, VP Financial Planning and Analysis, talks about using IBM Analytics and Planning Analytics to scale their growth and manage complexity as they partnered with Data41…

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PaaS Explained

In this lightboard video, Tessa Rodes with IBM Cloud explains what Platform as a Service, or PaaS, is while also using multiple analogies to illustrate how PaaS can be a more cost efficient solution…

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Fleetpride & Cresco International transform supply chain management with IBM analytics

If a farmer’s tractor breaks down during harvest or a courier’s van has engine issues, they can’t afford to wait long for spare parts to arrive—they’ve got a job…

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