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IBM Instana Cloud Migration SOCIAL TEASER

Migrating to AWS? Discover how Instana's AI-powered automated observability solution, designed to cover both AWS and hybrid-cloud environments, can help you make the move with confidence. You…

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Portrait: Sandra Corkern | Real Estate Technology & Innovation EY

How has EY, one of the largest professional services firms in the world, kept costs flat for the last 10 years while doubling its workforce? With technology, IBM TRIRIGA, and a sharp focus on…

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IBM Application Security Services

IBM Application Security Services can transform DevOps and Security processes into DevSecOps and implement shift left software development practices to integrate security in all aspects of software…

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IBM Presents: Transforming a Finnish energy business with data and AI

Vapo Oy – once a traditional Finnish energy company – is on a journey to providing higher value-add products and digitalized services for its customers in the Nordics and across the…

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Vanguard leads with data privacy for governance and compliance

Senior Solutions Architect at Vanguard, Jason Caplan, describes how data governance strategies provide trusted data to data scientists and analysts for use in predictive analytics and new product…

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Amvara Consulting: Driving self-service for a premium car maker

Ralf Roeber, Managing director and Executive Partner at AMVARA Consulting, explains how IBM Cognos Analytics 11 allows their business team to easily understand data models and explore their sensor…

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Vektis: Improving healthcare quality through data

Hear firsthand why Herman Bennema, CEO of Vektis, says IBM Db2 Warehouse on Cloud is the heart of his organization, enabling affordable, high-quality care with deep insight into medical insurance…

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Ancestry: Makes planning on the IBM Cloud part of their DNA

Curtis Tripoli, VP Financial Planning and Analysis, talks about using IBM Analytics and Planning Analytics to scale their growth and manage complexity as they partnered with Data41…

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Geisinger: Fighting sepsis with Machine Learning

Dr. Hosam Farag of Geisinger Health System in Danville, Penn. shares about working with IBM's Data Science and AI Elite to build a machine learning model to predict sepsis mortality, and a tool…

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Montage International: Expands luxury properties with IBM and Draca Solutions

Ali Aksoy, Director, Enterprise Systems at Montage International, shares how Montage is rapidly expanding with help from IBM and Draca Solutions which is making solutions such as Planning Analytics…

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JPMC improves model risk management and governance against fraud

Hear firsthand from Elenita Elinon of JPMC's Quant Model Risk Management Group what it was like to collaborate with IBM Data Science and AI Elite team -- taking model risk management to new…

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State Farm: Speed application and product development with test data management

Mark Moncelle, Architect Manager at State Farm, describes how test data management benefits a governed organization's data mining, application development, and product development processes in…

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Hilscher + IBM: Connecting companies with IoT and edge analytics

Patrice Favennec of Hilscher, an IBM business partner, shares why IBM Informix is their database of choice for industrial IoT and sensor data, reducing their storage by nearly 80%. Hear how Hilscher…

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You were awesome! AI answers healthcare providers’ questions at Humana

Watch how Watson Assistant gets feedback from Humana's Healthcare Providers: "You were awesome!" as they get care questions answered.

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Manage AI models with IBM Watson OpenScale

IBM Watson OpenScale makes AI governable, detecting and correcting drift and bias during runtime, and making outcomes explainable. Learn more at IBM Watson OpenScale

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Modernize data science and AI on IBM Cloud Pak for Data

Organizations need to drive production use of AI models at scale, across any cloud. IBM Cloud Pak for Data is a unified data and AI platform, built on open source frameworks, that automates the AI…

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