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Las claves del Data Fabric. Víctor Carralero con Enrique Ruiz, CTO Grupo Laberit

Víctor Carralero conversa con Enrique Ruiz sobre los detalles, retos y beneficios de la implatación de proyectos en los que los datos han permitido acelerar la …

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AI for document insights (Insurance) - animated video

This animated video will showcase the unique issues facing the insurance market and how AI, specifically Watson Discovery, can help.

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Comment les DSI bénéficient de l'automatisation des réclamations d'assurance avec IBM Cloud® Paks

Rencontrez Theresa, DSI d'une compagnie d'assurance automobile inondée de systèmes hérités. Découvrez comment elle utilise IBM Cloud Paks pour moderniser…

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Wie CIOs von der Automatisierung von Versicherungsansprüchen mit IBM Cloud® Paks profitieren

Lernen Sie Theresa kennen, einen CIO einer Autoversicherungsgesellschaft, die von Altsystemen überschwemmt wird. Erfahren Sie, wie sie IBM Cloud Paks nutzt, um den Betrieb zu modernisieren und…

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In che modo i CIO traggono vantaggio dall'automazione dei sinistri assicurativi con IBM Cloud® Paks

Incontra Theresa, un CIO di una compagnia di assicurazioni auto inondata da sistemi legacy. Scopri come utilizza IBM Cloud Paks per modernizzare le operazioni e automatizzare i reclami assicurativi…

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Cómo los CIO se benefician de la automatización de reclamaciones de seguros con IBM Cloud® Paks

Conozca a Theresa, CIO de una compañía de seguros de automóviles inundada por sistemas heredados. Vea cómo utiliza IBM Cloud Paks para modernizar las operaciones y…

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Delivering data-centric threat management: Westfield and IBM

As the perimeter that organizations must secure migrates beyond the network to anywhere and everywhere that sensitive data is, it’s crucial that a modern threat management approach integrates…

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Como seguradoras se beneficiam usando IBM Cloud Paks

Conheça como Theresa, CIO de uma companhia de seguros, usa IBM Cloud Paks para modernizar suas operações.

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Cómo las aseguradoras se benefician usando IBM Cloud Paks

Conozca como Theresa, CIO de una empresa aseguradora usa IBM Cloud Paks para modernizar sus operaciones.

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Behind the Shield with Westfield: Protecting Client Data with Proactive Security

Westfield Insurance implemented IBM Security Guardium, IBM Security QRadar, and IBM Security SOAR to support their customers and enable the business to grow. With the insurance industry basing so…

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Trustworthy AI: Forging the future of banking, insurance and financial markets

In this 20 minute keynote from the IBM Data and AI Virtual Forum - FSS, industry experts discuss the principles of governed data and AI technologies within an open and diverse ecosystem rooted in…

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How claims adjusters benefit from insurance claims automation with IBM Cloud® Paks

Meet Luisa, who manages a team of claims adjusters in an auto insurance company. See how IBM Cloud Paks modernize legacy processes and automate insurance claims so her team can successfully delight…

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How CIOs benefit from insurance claims automation with IBM Cloud® Paks

Meet Theresa, a CIO of an auto insurance company inundated by legacy systems. See how she uses IBM Cloud Paks to modernize operations and automate insurance claims to improve customer experience,…

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Intelligent automation for insurance claims with IBM Cloud Paks

Today, processing auto insurance is slow, inefficient and costly. The claims adjustment workflow is filled with manual tasks, which increases errors and time to resolution, resulting in poor customer…

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IBM Knowledge Accelerator for Insurance - Walkthrough

This video provides a walkthrough of IBM Knowledge Accelerator for Insurance. It describes the extensive business term coverage contained in the offering for the insurance domain.

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IBM Customer Insight for Insurance

IBM Customer Insight for Insurance helps you leverage dynamic customer segmentation to create a more personalized policyholder experience based on financial and life events. This demo shows how to…

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