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#RAISE2020 Summit

Arvind Krishna speaks at the Raise2020 Summit

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Arvind Krishna on Responsible AI at RAISE 2020

Arvind Krisha addresses Responsible AI for Social Empowerment at the RAISE 2020 Summit

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Tech for Good and Closing Remarks

Tune into this session for our closing remarks on our first ever 24 hrs of Master the Mainframe! And the exciting reveal of the session that won the education grant as the most participated MtM…

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Cape Verde National Day of Code: Computer Science Meets Cultural Heritage (Portuguese)

Cabo Verde celebra pela segundo ano, a “dia internacional do código” num evento global e completamente virtual, em parceria com a @IBMZ e a O objetivo do…

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KKB Kredi Kayıt Bürosu Client Innovation - Accelerate AIOps on IBM Z to improve resiliency

Today’s application landscapes are increasingly hybrid, complex, and often include IBM Z. With limited staff, how do you effectively sift through terabytes of data in real-time to…

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Master the Mainfrae Kick-off & 2019 Winner Spotlight - Join the Contest!

Kick-off session of the 16th Master the Mainframe - a global student contest

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What Ubuntu Server LTS 20.04 can do for IBM z15 and LinuxONE III

The IBM z15 and LinuxONE III hardware family brings a lot of novelties, but for most of its new hardware features support by the operating system is required to make use of them. The frequent and…

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How open source drives IBM Secure Execution

IBM Secure Execution is a new Linux-first technology for IBM Z that allows for secure virtual machines even on an untrusted host. This talk will briefly introduce the Secure Execution feature itself,…

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20 years of open source software growth for Linux on IBM Z, and more to come!

It has been 20 years of Linux on IBM Z. In this session, you will hear how Linux has evolved in the platform and the latest news on the growing open source software (OSS) ecosystem for IBM Z and…

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Bringing the DevOps experience to Db2 for z/OS

Database-as-a-Service (Dbaas) is core to extending Infrastructure-as-a-Service to database applications; to providing database services in a self-service manner with on demand speed for the…

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What is new from SUSE for IBM Z and LinuxONE

Hear about the latest from SUSE for IBM Z and LinuxONE systems. This session will highlight the SUSE products and innovations available for the platform. Topics that will be covered include an…

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Bringing container orchestration to the mainframe with OpenShift

The move to the open hybrid or multi cloud is real, with the mainframe right there in your modern infrastructure stack. Kubernetes can play a key role as an open source container orchestration system…

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Deep Dive OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE

During this session we will explore architectural details of OpenShift and what would be the deployment differences of OpenShift on IBM LinuxONE using the User Provisioned Infrastructure when…

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Demo- Customer Proof of Concept experiences with Ansible managing z/OS

As enterprise automation using Ansible Tower continues to grow within Black Knight Inc, the recent availability of the z/OS Core Collection and ZOAU has sparked interest in extending playbook…

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Demo- Zowe in action

The mainframe is changing. Come see how interacting with the mainframe is changing for the better. Want a desktop interface? Yes, we've got that. How about quick integrations for…

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Demo- New! OpenShift on Z on LinuxONE Community Cloud

The LinuxONE Community Cloud offers users from all over the world, free trial access to the latest hardware and technology in an Enterprise grade LinuxONE environment. New this quarter, we have…

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