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Smarter Analysis, Better Decisions with Cognos Analytics

IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson helps you to better see where your business is today while helping predict what will happen tomorrow. Automate insights and improve data usage for self-service…

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Troubleshoot a failing Cognos Analytics installation

This video demonstrates how to troubleshoot a failing Cognos Analytics installation on IBM Cloud Pak for Data.

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Jabil interview on the future of AI capabilities in the BI space and Cognos Analytics with Watson

IBM partner PMSquare interviews Jabil on their vision for Augmented BI capabilities as part of the Cognos Analytics with Watson announcement.

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IMI Precision interview on Augmented BI capabilities in Cognos Analytics with Watson

In this interview, IBM partner, Sempre Analytics, talks to IMI Precision about their current Cognos Analytics use cases and vision for AI capabilities expanding beyond traditional BI. Learn more at…

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Cognos Analytics with Watson Announcement: Partner Clips

Hear from Cognos Analytics partners from Denmark, England, Canada, US and Mexico on what they think of Cognos becoming part of Watson brand and their expectations for the products’ future.…

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson Teaser Video

Announcing Cognos Analytics with Watson: now part of the Watson family! Learn more

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Analytics Hero: Jose Balitactac

See how Jose Balitactac has helped Ancestry to unlock real-time financial insights for faster planning, reporting and forecasting. Learn more at

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson 财务规划和分析(FP&A )演示

观看此演示,了解您的财务团队如何通过动态的 FP&A 解决方案提高速度、协作和敏捷性。 为了确保您准备好实时作出反应,您需要能够综合所有数据源的信息,发现趋势,并以超越以往的速度交付洞察。了解更多:

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2: Welcome to the new Cognos Experience

Get the most out of the new Cognos experience. With Cognos Analytics 11.2, we have made working with your data easier than ever. From our new global navigation and home page, to the completely…

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2: Data Modules Overview

Connect to and clean data from across your company with Cognos Analytics. The AI-assisted data modules give you incredible data preparation features. Add in calculated fields, join data sources,…

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2: Data Exploration Overview

Uncover hidden patterns and unbiased insights with data exploration in Cognos Analytics. Take advantage of advanced analytics normally available only in data science tools. Explore is a flexible…

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IBM Cognos Analytics: Getting Started in 11.2

Drive certainty in your decision-making with AI-powered analytics. IBM offers an industry-leading BI solution that empowers users to execute smarter data discovery and tell the story of their data…

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2: Reporting Overview

Operationalize business insights across your organization with Cognos Analytics. With Reporting in Cognos you can create and distribute customizable reports for personalized consumption. Create…

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2: Interactive Dashboards Overview

Visualize and share your business performance with interactive dashboards in Cognos Analytics. AI-powered self-service dashboards in Cognos make understanding and presenting your data easy. Learn more

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The Cognos Analytics Mobile App

Get business insights from IBM Cognos Analytics at-a-glance in real time, straight to your phone. Learn more

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Cognos Explore, Episode 2: Dashboard Adventures

Cognos Explore, Episode 2: Dashboard Adventures

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