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Instana Service Levels Dashboard (beta)

Overview of the improved SLO capabilities available as beta in IBM Instana

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Cloud Pak for AIOps Product Tour: Explore dashboard

Cloud Pak for AIOps Product Tour: Explore dashboard demo

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IBM Maximo: gestão da manutenção com dashboards pré-configurados

Com o IBM Maximo Application Suite, as equipes de manutenção podem manter o foco nas atividades mais importantes e evitar futuras falhas. Nesta breve demo, você poderá…

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Get started with AI-powered, self service analytics

Make faster, more data-driven decisions with IBM Cognos Analytics. A brief introduction to Cognos Analytics.

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IBM Hardware Management Console for zSystems and LinuxONE – HMC Dashboard

Learn more about that HMC Dashboard

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IBM Maximo: maintenance management with preset dashboards

With IBM Maximo Application Suite, maintenance teams can concentrate on the activities that matter most and help prevent future failures. In this short demo, you can see how a maintenance manager in…

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Populating the Scheduling dashboard

You add schedules to the Scheduling dashboard by using the Graphical Scheduling application.

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Dashboards - How to author a dashboard (11.2.2)

Dashboards help you monitor events or activities by providing key insights and analysis about your data on one or more pages or screens. This video demonstrates how a fictional coffee retailer…

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Visualizing data with the Manager Dashboard - IBM Sterling Store Engagement

Learn how you can use IBM Sterling Store Engagement to visualize data with the Manager Dashboard. For more information, visit

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IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson - How to share dashboard content

In this video, you will see how insights you discover with IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson can be shared with others driving collaboration. Five ways to share will be demonstrated: email and Slack…

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ELM: Embracing standards

Take advantage of custom reporting and dashboards to monitor and track the entire development process in real time. IBM ELM publishing engine and dashboard capabilities allow teams to automate…

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Informes y paneles de herramientas de Planning Analytics

Demostración de los reportes y paneles de herramientas de Planning Analytics.

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Planning Analyticsレポートとダッシュボード

Planning Analyticsレポートとダッシュボードのご紹介です。 詳細はこちら:

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IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS Operations analytics dashboards in Splunk and Elastic

IBM Transaction Analysis Workbench for z/OS is an operations analytics tool for z/OS. You can use Workbench to analyze the behavior and performance of transactions on z/OS, including CICS, Db2,…

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Create and share a business analytics dashboard using Watson Studio: Cloud Pak for Data as a Service

In this video, you'll see how to create and share a business analytics dashboard in a Watson Studio project. This examples uses a CSV file containing information about bakery sales.

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Cloudant Course 6 - The Dashboard

Learn about the IBM Cloudant Dashboard and what it has to offer, as well as an introduction into how to use it.

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