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Running a Sustainability (Executive) report

Learn how to use an Sustainability (Executive) report.

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サステナビリティー・プログラム・トラッキングによる脱炭素化施策の定義 および分析機能

脱炭素化施策の管理についてご紹介します。 この機能により、脱炭素化に向けた施策を管理し、指標に基づいた意思決定を行うことができるようになります。また、効果分析やシナリオ分析を用いて、効率的に企業の脱炭素化を促進する施策選定をサポートします。

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ESG外部フレームワークから開示レポートを作成する、サステナビリティー・レポーティング・マネージャーをご紹介します。 この機能により、担当者は常に最新の外部フレームワークを参照することができるため、フレームワークの更新作業を行う必要がなくなります。また、過去の開示レポートからのコピー機能や、類似の質問事項の例示機能により効率的にレポート作成ができるようになります。

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In che modo IBM Envizi semplifica il reporting ESG: Demo

Scopri come i prodotti software di reporting ESG di IBM Envizi possono semplificare i requisiti di conformità e reporting acquisendo i dati ESG in un unico sistema di…

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How IBM Envizi simplifies emissions management: Demo

Learn how you can accurately calculate and report GHG emissions, and track progress towards decarbonization goals, with GHG emissions management software from IBM Envizi. Request a live demo

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How IBM Envizi streamlines ESG reporting: Demo

Learn how IBM Envizi's ESG reporting software products can streamline your compliance and reporting requirements bycapturing ESG data in a single system of record. Request a live demo

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How IBM Envizi supports decarbonization: Demo

See how IBM Envizi products can help you monitor, manage and report on energy usage and emissions - so you can make informed resource-allocation decisions to support your decarbonization…

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Automating Compliance and Boosting Productivity for Data Security Specialists

Explore how IBM Security Guardium Insights can help organizations of any size navigate complex data regulatory requirements. Traditional audit reporting methods can be time-consuming and result in…

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Getting started with form-based reporting in IBM IMS Performance Analyzer for z/OS

Form-based reporting in IMS Performance Analyzer offers full flexibility to easily define the IMS performance reports you need to understand where your system may have issues and to confirm you are…

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Analytics Hero: Frances Berger

Frances Berger, Manager of Performance & Financial Systems at Eversource Energy, has helped to evolve their FP&A processes from tedious, days-long endeavors to faster, more agile methods that…

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IBM Cognos Analytics 11.2: Reporting Overview

Operationalize business insights across your organization with Cognos Analytics. With Reporting in Cognos you can create and distribute customizable reports for personalized consumption. Create…

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The Cognos Analytics Mobile App

Get business insights from IBM Cognos Analytics at-a-glance in real time, straight to your phone. Learn more

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Editing resource locations in bulk and using Cognos BI to report on capacity by location

Learn how to edit the locations of multiple resources at the same time and generate a "capacity by location" report in Cognos Analytics.

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How to create and schedule reports with IBM Storage Insights Pro

Learn how how easy it is to share information about your storage environment using the flexible reporting capabilities of IBM Storage Insights Pro.

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IBM Storage Insights: Whats new in March 2020

Learn about the updates for IBM Storage Insights & IBM Storage Insights Pro for the 1st Quarter of 2020. Some updates include creating reports in the free version of IBM Storage Insights that…

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IBM i Syslog Reporting Manager (SRM) Demo

Join IBM Systems Lab Services expert Robert D. Andrews for a quick tour and demo of the Security and Compliance Tools for IBM i Syslog Reporting Manager asset available from Lab Services. The Syslog…

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