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Use Watson Machine Learning for z/OS to detect fraudulent transactions

Watch this video to see a demo on real-time detection and the prevention of credit card fraud with AI on IBM zSystems. To learn more, read more about the use case and technology used here:…

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Entretien Nicolas Théry, Crédit Mutuel et Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, IBM

Entretien entre Nicolas Thery, président du Crédit Mutuel et Jean-Philippe Desbiolles, VP IBM, sur le partenariat d'IBM avec le Crédit Mutuel.

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IBM Watson Assistant phone integration demo

Brief technical demo showcasing how to integrate IBM Watson Assistant into existing phone and SMS platforms, simplifying how conversational AI can support and improve your customer service.

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Intelligence Artificielle : Comment garantir la confiance

Témoignage du Crédit Mutuel -Sens, Confiance, Transparence : remettre l’humain au coeur de son métier grâce à l’IA

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Fibre-Channel Buffer Credit Basics

This video explains the basics of Fibre-Channel buffer credits and how they work. For more information on this topic and links to a related video visit: …

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UBS: offers fast, simple and secure trade transactions based on IBM Blockchain

UBS wanted to provide its clients with a digital solution that was secure, transparent and less cumbersome to conduct trade. They partnered with a group of European banks to create, a…

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