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Analytics Hero: Ancestry Video - Jose Balitactac

Wir haben ein Video gedreht, mit dem wir Jose Balitactac, Financial Planning and Analysis Applications Manager bei Ancestry, ins Rampenlicht rücken und die Verwendung von Planning Analytics…

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Le héros de l'analyse : Vidéo sur Ancestry - Jose Balitactac

Nous avons créé une vidéo pour présenter Jose Balitactac, responsable des applications de planification et d'analyse financières chez Ancestry, afin de…

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Herramientas de análisis: vídeo sobre Ancestry - Jose Balitactac

Le ofrecemos un vídeo donde José Balitactac, Director de Aplicaciones de Planificación y Análisis Financiero de Ancestry, expone cómo su equipo ha utilizado…

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Analytics Hero: Jose Balitactac

See how Jose Balitactac has helped Ancestry to unlock real-time financial insights for faster planning, reporting and forecasting. Learn more at

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IBM Planning Analytics with Watson 财务规划和分析(FP&A )演示

观看此演示,了解您的财务团队如何通过动态的 FP&A 解决方案提高速度、协作和敏捷性。 为了确保您准备好实时作出反应,您需要能够综合所有数据源的信息,发现趋势,并以超越以往的速度交付洞察。了解更多:

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Financial Planning and Analysis with IBM Planning Analytics

It's critical to be able to react in real time. With IBM Planning Analytics, you can. Watch this demo to learn how your finance team can boost speed, collaboration and agility…

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