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IBM watsonx at the Masters

IBM works with the Masters to design, develop, and deliver the digital experiences found in the Masters app and website. This year, IBM Consulting is using generative AI models developed with IBM…

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Navigating Composable ERP

Many organizations today have in place a monolithic environment where all the capabilities they use are in a single system. What works better is an environment where they can implement the right tool…

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Growing your business and data securely at scale in the age of cyber threats and hackers

Discover the essentials of securely storing data and digital content at a remarkably low cost while achieving unparalleled durability. Harness the expansive global reach of IBM Cloud to seamlessly…

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Putting AI to work for Application Modernization - Trailer

Businesses are constantly reinventing their ways of working for multiple reasons—be it to take advantage of the latest innovation, to enhance productivity or sometimes just to avoid…

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Do you have a Container strategy?

Containerization plays a key role in modern application development. In this video Chris Rosen walks through four use cases for development and operations to help you maximize performance and uptime,…

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Generative AI-assisted mainframe application modernization

See IBM watsonx Code Assistant for Z in action! Learn how watsonx Code Assistant for Z can increase developer productivity and agility throughout the application development lifecycle. Learn more…

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Cloud Pak for AIOps Product Tour: Define app

Cloud Pak for AIOps Product Tour: Define app demo

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IBM Maximo: standardizing procedural inspections

Standardizing your asset inspections can too easily become subjective, leading to wasted time and money. But IBM Maximo Mobile app can help deliver consistent procedural inspections across your…

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Unit 12, Section 3: Lab 5 - Advanced Command Codes

This lab shows you how to use more advanced command codes and the program logic used to support those command codes.

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Unit 12, Section 2: HALDB Partitions and Benefits

This video describes the characteristics and functions of partitions:Partition selection: through a user-defined high key or through a user-defined Partition Selection exit. Partition independence:…

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Unit 12, Section 1: HALDB Requirements and Features

This video describes High Availability Large Databases (HALDBs): when you should use them, their capabilities, and other features of HALDBs.

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Unit 11, Section 2: Predefined Symbols and Programming Hints

This video continues the discussion of programming standards by coding a common copy member for all DL/I calls, using pre-coded SSAs, pre-coding a common PCB for each database, coding a common PCB…

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Unit 11, Section 1: Programming Standards Overview

This video describes common programming standards and best practices such as using COPY facility for COBOL and using %INCLUDE facility for PL/I.

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Unit 10, Section 8: Application Interface Block (AIB)

This video describes the AIB. Using the application interface block (AIB) provides an alternate way of establishing which PCB should be used for a DL/I call. A DL/I call that uses the AIB can refer…

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Unit 10, Section 7: Exception Handling: ROLL, ROLB, SETS, and ROLS Calls

This video covers several more service calls that can help with exception handling, such as the ROLL call, which permits an application program to back out processing to some earlier point.

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Unit 10, Section 6: Initialize (INIT) Call

This video discusses how the INIT call is initialized. INIT call is issued implicitly by IMS by PCB at scheduling.

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