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Naranja + IBM: Balanceando lo mejor del mundo Digital y el mundo Físico

Naranja se ha convertido en la compañía de tarjetas de crédito líder en Argentina. Naranja inició su transición hacia Cloud para adquirir mayor agilidad y…

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Exceptional experiences designed by IBM iX and Adobe

Together, IBM iX and Adobe are an unbeatable match for delivering user-centric marketing and CX. The experiences we create are rooted in technology that simplifies internal marketing systems while…

From  5500021X6T 5500021X6T on November 8th, 2019 22 plays

IBM iX: The Human Side of your Bottom Line

This is an anchor video asset designed to launch the new iX campaign strategy: The Human Side of your Bottom Line. IBM iX designs experiences with humanity. Powered by technology, these experiences…

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What does IBM Cloud do for fans?

While IBM iX delivers the award-winning digital experiences at Wimbledon, the IBM Cloud ensures fans get a seamless experience every time.

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