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루프트한자 항공사: 조종사까지 함께 참여해 만든 운영 효율화

Lufthansa 비행 운영 효율성을 향상시키고, 승객 탑승 속도를 높이고, 항공기 지연 출발을 최소화해 비용을 절감한 이야기를 소개합니다. Lufthansa는 Apple 및 IBM과 협력하여 지상 운영팀을 위한 iOS 앱 세트를 개발하여 운영 효율성을 극대화하고, 승객들에게 최고의 비행 경험을 선사합니다.

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IBM iX Manifesto

We are IBM iX, your global business design partner. A combination of business consultancy, digital agency and platform integrator, we work at the intersection of progressive strategy, human-centered…

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Frito-Lay + IBM: Incoraggiare i dipendenti e soddisfare i clienti

La mission di Frito-Lay è fornire gli snack più gustosi d'America. Grazie alla partnership con IBM, Frito-Lay ha trasformato il modo in cui lavorare con le…

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Frito-Lay + IBM: motivar empleados y satisfacer clientes

La misión de Frito-Lay es la de ofrecer los mejores aperitivos de América. En colaboración con IBM, han transformado sus operaciones con la nuevas aplicaciones…

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Frito-Lay + IBM : Autonomiser les employés et ravir les clients

La mission de Frito-Lay est de proposer les aliments à grignoter les plus savoureux disponibles aux États-Unis. En partenariat avec IBM, l’entreprise a…

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Frito-Lay + IBM: увлеченные сотрудники и довольные клиенты

Цель Frito-Lay — накормить Америку самыми вкусными снеками. В партнерстве с IBM они полностью изменили способ работы с помощью новых приложений Sales Hub и Snacks to You. С помощью IBM Garage,…

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Lufthansa – historia klienta

Historia klienta przedstawiająca współpracę między firmami Lufthansa, Apple i IBM iX

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Lufthansa Delivers Premium Service with Apple and IBM

Working with Apple and IBM, Lufthansa created a suite of iOS apps for its Ground Ops team, addressing operational excellence and resulting in a smoother flying experience for all passengers.

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Personalization Demystified: The Key to Better CX

Customer experience matters now more than ever. And with the data and technology to enable truly personalized, “segment of one” experiences, the pressure is on to give customers what they…

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Argyle + IBM iX Webinar: Activate Your Customer Experience North Star - In Times of Crisis and Beyond

Recording of a live podcast from IBM iX and third party partner Argyle on customer experience strategy.

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Naranja + IBM: Balanceando lo mejor del mundo Digital y el mundo Físico

Naranja se ha convertido en la compañía de tarjetas de crédito líder en Argentina. Naranja inició su transición hacia Cloud para adquirir mayor agilidad y…

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Frito-Lay + IBM: Empowering employees and delighting customers

Frito-Lay's mission is to deliver the best-tasting snacks in America. In partnership with IBM, they have transformed the way they operate with the new Sales Hub and Snacks to You applications.…

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Naranja + IBM: Balancing the Best of Digital + Physical Worlds

Naranja balances the best of digital and physical worlds to deliver exceptional customer experiences. In partnership with IBM Services, Naranja is working to move 100% of its legacy platforms to the…

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Exceptional experiences designed by IBM iX and Adobe

Together, IBM iX and Adobe are an unbeatable match for delivering user-centric marketing and CX. The experiences we create are rooted in technology that simplifies internal marketing systems while…

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IBM iX: The Human Side of your Bottom Line

This is an anchor video asset designed to launch the new iX campaign strategy: The Human Side of your Bottom Line. IBM iX designs experiences with humanity. Powered by technology, these experiences…

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What does IBM Cloud do for fans?

While IBM iX delivers the award-winning digital experiences at Wimbledon, the IBM Cloud ensures fans get a seamless experience every time.

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