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Delivering Quality Applications Faster | IBM Services + Trenitalia

Learn how IBM and the Trenitalia team came together to meet the speed of innovation and customer expectations. Then see how adopting DevOps and Test Automation as part of IBM's IGNITE Quality…

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Security Everywhere

As more work moves online, cyber criminals are working overtime. That’s why organizations of all kinds are working with IBM Security to help keep data secure.

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True global inventory visibility - how AI can help deliver the perfect order - Webinar OnDemand

In this ON24 webinar, we will discuss the key value drivers that drive supply chain strategy and the power of inventory visibility.

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IBM Security Summit 2020

Você está pronto para proteger sua empresa em um mundo cada vez mais digital? Para superar os novos desafios de cyber segurança, é necessário velocidade,…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Security

As more organizations begin to transition to the cloud, they are faced with daunting security challenges which often includes too many tools, too much data, and a growing skills gap to be able to…

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IBM X-Force Threat Management for OT, IoT & IoMT

The convergence occurring between operational technology environments and internet of things with traditional IT infrastructure forces us to consider devices well beyond just one domain. Security…

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Improve Risk Management and Fuel Innovation with Open Security

Reimagining security as an open construct helps enterprises accelerate innovation and improve effectiveness when addressing threats. The session focuses on the need for open standards in security and…

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World Fuel Services and IBM - Striving for Optimized Trip Support to Pilots Worldwide

To empower aviation clients to conduct timely, efficient and safe flights without time-consuming manual work before, during and after a trip, World Fuel engaged IBM® Services to help design a…

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