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IBM Augmented Remote Assist: la réalité augmentée au service de la téléassistance informatique

Disponible via le web et sur mobiles, IBM Augmented Remote Assist for Technical Support Services est une application de réalité augmentée qui facilite la…

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IBM Augmented Remote Assist: Realidad aumentada para soporte remoto de TI

IBM Augmented Remote Assist para Servicios de soporte técnico es una aplicación web y móvil de realidad aumentada que facilita la orientación…

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Emerge Smarter as you get back to work: Intelligent Cloudified Networks

This video covers on the key drivers and benefits of Network Cloudification. Also, learn how IBM can help you can transform your networks to deliver more customer value, reduce network costs and…

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Delivering Quality Applications Faster | IBM Services + Trenitalia

Learn how IBM and the Trenitalia team came together to meet the speed of innovation and customer expectations. Then see how adopting DevOps and Test Automation as part of IBM's IGNITE Quality…

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IBM QRadar - SIEM Inteligente

O IBM QRadar melhora radicalmente a velocidade, a performance e a precisão para a defesa mais efetiva contra ataques cibernéticos. A gestão de ocorrências e…

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Security Everywhere

As more work moves online, cyber criminals are working overtime. That’s why organizations of all kinds are working with IBM Security to help keep data secure.

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IBM Security - La voz de nuestros clientes

Los clientes y los socios comerciales de IBM explican la importancia de un enfoque proactivo de ciberseguridad y cómo IBM Security los ayuda a abordar los cambios y prioridades en…

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Lending Workflow Automation

The Government sponsored COVID CAREs Act is putting pressure on banks to process unprecedented volumes of new loan applications from small business and to rapidly disburse funds to approved…

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Ayudando a proteger una creciente fuerza laboral remota - IBM Cloud Identity

Mientras nuestros clientes cambian sus operaciones y programas de ciberseguridad para proteger a sus empleados, estudiantes y la sociedad en general, IBM tiene una serie de soluciones que pueden…

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IBM Security: A voz dos nossos clientes

Clientes e Parceiros de Negócios IBM explicam a importância de uma abordagem proativa de segurança cibernética e como o IBM Security os ajuda a lidar com mudanças e…

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Detect Insider Threats: QRadar Use Case Demo Video

See how QRadar can help you to proactively detect insider threats in this use case demo video. Learn how QRadar User Behavior Analytics and QRadar Advisor with Watson can help security analysts…

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Faire face aux réalités de la gestion du MultiCloud et des environnements hybrides

Un webinar consacré à l’Hybrid Cloud et au MultiCloud qui sont déjà une réalité dans une majorité d’entreprises ayant adopté cette…

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Les bons outils pour vous accompagner dans votre stratégie de modernisation d’applications

Webinar consacré à la modernisation des applications, plus précisément à la migration des applications traditionnelles vers le cloud public ou le cloud privé…

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Mueller, Inc: Building new channels with IBM Garage

Mark Lack, Manager of Strategy, Analytics and Bussiness Intelligence for Mueller Inc., discusses the benefit of partnering with the IBM Garage for their digital transformation.

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True global inventory visibility - how AI can help deliver the perfect order - Webinar OnDemand

In this ON24 webinar, we will discuss the key value drivers that drive supply chain strategy and the power of inventory visibility.

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The X-Force Red Portal: Enrich Your Vulnerability Data

The X-Force Red Portal Your Vulnerability Data Enriched, in One ViewThe X-Force Red Portal provides a unified view of your vulnerability data – from the eyes of an attacker. The Portal shows…

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