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IBM technology at the 2023 Grammys

Recording Academy President Panos A. Panay explains how the team at IBM Consulting is helping the Recording Academy optimize its use of Salesforce, unlocking the full potential of the platform to…

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IBM iX Experience Orchestrator

Business leaders today face increasingly complex supply chain, customer care, and employee needs across every facet of their business. Design a modern approach to streamline end-to-end commerce…

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Transformação CX Inteligente com IBM e Adobe

O consumidor moderno espera personalização em todo o ciclo de vida do cliente. É nossa responsabilidade alinhar-nos com as expectativas em constante evolução e…

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Caso del cliente Audi UK

Vea cómo Audi trabajó con IBM para transformar digitalmente y poner la innovación en el asiento del conductor. Siguiendo la metodología IBM® Garage ™ ágil…

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Transformación inteligente de CX con IBM y Adobe

El consumidor moderno espera personalización en todo el ciclo de vida del cliente. Es nuestra responsabilidad alinearnos con las expectativas en constante evolución y brindar la…

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História do cliente: Audi UK

Veja como a Audi trabalhou com a IBM para transformar digitalmente e colocar a inovação no banco do motorista. Seguindo a metodologia IBM® Garage ™ ágil e focada no…

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奥迪英国 + IBM:为客户提供更加智能的体验

了解奥迪英国公司如何在 IBM 服务部的帮助下提高汽车销量与生产力。

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IBM iX Forms Accelerator for Adobe

Forms are a tedious and time-consuming necessity in our lives. Adobe and IBM have joined forces to change the way we experience and deliver forms. Introducing the IBM iX Forms Accelerator for…

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要对世界产生深刻影响, 企业必须引领持续变革; 在市场中掀起颠覆大潮, 完全重塑自我。 企业需要携手拥有雄心壮志和丰富想象的合作伙伴, 致力于改变世界,推动社会进步。

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루프트한자 항공사: 조종사까지 함께 참여해 만든 운영 효율화

Lufthansa 비행 운영 효율성을 향상시키고, 승객 탑승 속도를 높이고, 항공기 지연 출발을 최소화해 비용을 절감한 이야기를 소개합니다. Lufthansa는 Apple 및 IBM과 협력하여 지상 운영팀을 위한 iOS 앱 세트를 개발하여 운영 효율성을 극대화하고, 승객들에게 최고의 비행 경험을 선사합니다.

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IBM iX Manifesto

We are IBM iX, your global business design partner. A combination of business consultancy, digital agency and platform integrator, we work at the intersection of progressive strategy, human-centered…

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Frito-Lay + IBM: Empowering employees and delighting customers

Frito-Lay's mission is to deliver the best-tasting snacks in America. In partnership with IBM, they have transformed the way they operate with the new Sales Hub and Snacks to You applications.…

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