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Japan Airlines: Lograr la transformación a través de la nube con IBM

El Grupo JAL, la empresa matriz de Japan Airlines, tiene una visión: servir como la aerolínea más preferida y valorada del mundo. Para lograr un entorno de TI flexible que…

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Japan Airlines: Alcançando a transformação por meio da nuvem com a IBM

O JAL Group, empresa controladora da Japan Airlines, tem uma visão: servir como a companhia aérea mais preferida e valorizada do mundo. Para obter um ambiente de TI flexível que…

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Fortis 병원: IBM 멀티벤더서비스를 통해 복잡한 병원 업무 단순화

IBM 멀티벤더서비스는 Fortis Healthcare의 CIO 및 IT 팀과 협력하여 복잡한 기술지원 에코시스템을 관리함으로써, IT 인프라를 표준화하고 최적화했습니다. Fortis는 IBM의 기술을 통해 인프라 최대 가동시간 가용성을 관리했고, 결과적으로 고객에게 최고의 의료 서비스를 제공하고 있습니다. 인도 전역의 어느 지역에서든 Fortis 병원의…

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Balance agility and control with IBM Multicloud Management Platform

To learn more about IBM Multicloud Management Platform, visit our website:

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Unified self-service from IBM Services for Multicloud Management

With all the benefits of cloud, enterprises are eager to take advantage. But a decade into the cloud era, enterprise organizations are still dealing with large,…

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Itelligence and IBM embarking Nordic clients on their journey to cloud

To stand out in the crowded IT service provider market, itelligence Denmark needed a differentiator. To spice up its SAP hosting services, the company deployed IBM® Power Systems™ servers…

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Vivo Energy fuels future growth with SAP S/4HANA on IBM Power Systems

Vivo Energy is a leading fuel retailer in high-growth African markets. The company engaged IBM Services™ to implement SAP S/4HANA®, powered by IBM® Power Systems™ servers and IBM…

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Datev IBM Z- A partnership built on innovation to meet today's digital demands

Discover how z14 can power your business: To remain innovative in the IT services industry, Datev must quickly develop new services, provide rock-solid availability and…

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Increasing supply chain visibility with IBM Cloud for SAP Applications and Watson

A simulation of a temperature-sensitive supply chain using SAP, Blockchain and Watson IoT managed on IBM Cloud. To learn more about IBM Cloud for SAP applications, please visit our webpage:…

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Introduction to IBM Cloud Managed Services

This short video answers three basic questions: 1) What is IBM Cloud Managed Services? 2) Why IBM Cloud Managed Services? and 3) How are clients using it? For more information about how IBM Cloud…

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Fulcrum's transformational digital business platform for global law firms enables operational excellence

As change sweeps through the global legal industry, firms struggle to keep pace. Fulcrum offers digital legal business platform solutions, built using tailored SAP applications hosted on IBM Cloud…

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