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Intact Financial optimizes requirements management with IBM Rational software

Intact Financial deployed IBM Rational DOORS Next Generation software to facilitate requirements management throughout the application development lifecycle. As a result, the company has improved…

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Using IBM’s Software Product Compatibility Reports

Learn how to use IBM's Software Product Compatibility Reports to quickly and easily generate custom reports about compatible IBM software combinations. Access the reports through the IBM…

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Waters Corp. speeds reporting 95% by integrating IBM Rational and SAP software

Automated requirements management and product documentation software from IBM are helping a medical device manufacturer meet FDA compliance requirements and expand into the medical market. Learn more…

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WNS Global Services deploys large scale sites 80 percent faster with IBM BigFix

WNS Global Services uses IBM BigFix software to rapidly deploy its company’s packaging and distribution software, reduce vulnerabilities and promote compliance across its endpoints across the…

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NuScale Power supports nuclear licensing and compliance with an IBM requirements management solution

Paul Lusardi, requirements management supervisor at NuScale Power, discusses how the energy company uses IBM Rational DOORS software to achieve ambitious goals for nuclear plant safety. Learn more…

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Fusion for Energy supports revolutionary new power plant using IBM Rational DOORS

Fusion for Energy (F4E) facilitates Europe's contribution to ITER, an international experiment to demonstrate fusion's viability as a sustainable energy source. F4E chose IBM Rational DOORS…

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Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik increases productivity by 25% with an IBM DevOps solution

Haldun Aydogdu, chief information officer at Anadolu Hayat Emeklilik describes how the insurer reduces defect rates by 25 percent and improves reusability and deployment time using IBM Rational…

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Adocus AB automates requirements management to save customers millions per year

The requirements for complex public works projects are constantly changing, demanding that municipalities and contractors work closely to avoid costly errors and rework. IBM Business Partner Adocus…

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After Assessment Release, use the Supplier Approval data screen to assess Suppliers against Requirements.

From  Michael Archdeacon on May 24th, 2017