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IBM API Connect: Automated Test Generation with Smart Generation

In IBM API Connect, Automated Test Generation generates test assertions based on the semantics of your APIs, to validate the API behavior. When combined with smart generation, which uses AI, the…

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API Connect: Analytics

The analytics capabilities in IBM API Connect provide valuable insights into your ecosystem of APIs. This demo shows how you can use the out-of-the box dashboards to understand API consumption and…

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IBM API Connect Developer Portal

In IBM API Connect, the Developer Portal is your one-stop shop for sharing your APIs with your application developers. This feature is fully customisable to meet your business needs and branding…

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IBM API Connect: AutoTest Assist

This demo shows how AutoTest Assist uses AI to automatically generate API test cases without the need to manually write them, saving developers time and improving test accuracy. To find out more,…

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透明性はトランザクション・エクスペリエンスにおいて、とても重要です。 お客様の顧客は、いつごろ製品を入手できるかを知りたがっています。 最高度に容易なアクセスが顧客にとって可能になるよう、お客様は小売業者として、在庫を保管する場所をより適切に管理したいと考えているはずです」と、IBM Automation の製品管理担当副社長のEileen Lowryは語ります。…

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Überdenken wir die Abläufe im Einzelhandel

Transparenz ist entscheidend für das Transaktionserlebnis. Ihr Kunde möchte wissen, wann er das Produkt bekommt. Sie als Einzelhändler wollen besser organisieren, wo der Bestand…

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Let's rethink retail operations

What if you were to design your retail operations for a new company, what would you automate to improve the transaction experience? Watch this video.

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Why API Management?

Node.js, GraphQL, Spring Boot, and Golang, are just a few options we have as technologists to build modern API's today. So, it is imperative that organizations implement a strategy to manage…

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Event Endpoint Management Explained

Event Endpoint Management plays a key role in scaling messaging systems like Kafka. In this video, Jamil Spain shares four tips on best practices implementing Event…

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

Video with short description of IBM Cloud Pack for Integration

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What is API Management?

See why having an API Management solution can help enterprises better manage the whole lifecycle of their APIs as well as more securely and easily drive the consumption of their business assets. …

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CVS Health - A modern approach to hybrid cloud integration helps turn vision into action

Claus Jensen, CTO for CVS Health discusses how hybrid cloud integration is the first step in realizing the vision of a business transformation. Read more: ”… we…

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