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Federal Bank: Creating an API banking system

To build the technology that would give customers a top-notch banking experience, Federal Bank wanted to build a robust, secure and scalable API solution that would help open Federal Bank up to…

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Digital Ajman - Digital government made easy

The smallest and one of the most agile emirates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Ajman began its digital transformation journey in 2017 by creating Digital Ajman, a new department tasked with the…

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CIO Playbook: Reale Beispiele für die Integration von Rechenzentrum und Cloud

Nehmen Sie an unserem Webcast teil und erfahren Sie, wie der richtige IT-Manager die sechs größten Herausforderungen bei der Umsetzung einer Hybrid-Cloud-Strategie bewältigen kann.…

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Mayo Clinic - Integrated, agile and cloud-based

As a world-renown academic medical center, the Mayo Clinic depends upon accurate patient data that is fundamental to their integrated clinical practice, education, and research. The EMR or Electronic…

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Istanbul Grand Airport - IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration at the World’s Largest Airport

Istanbul Grand Airport is the largest airport in the world, opening in 2019. Everything about the airport is massive in scale to accommodate the planned 200 million passengers per year. Many new and…

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2 Dakikada IBM Cloud Pak Çözümleri

IBM Cloud Pak’ler hafif, kurumsal düzeyde, modüler bulut çözümleri olup bir konteynerle entegre çalışır.

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IBM Cloud Pak 两分钟简介

IBM Cloud Pak是一种轻量型企业级模块化云解决方案,集成了容器。

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La containerisation et ses bénéfices sur le terrain

Dans ce webcast, Nicolas Sauterey, architecte cloud chez IBM, revient sur les bénéfices apportés par la containerisation et en particulier ses applications dans un environnement…

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تعريف IBM Cloud Paks في دقيقتين

تُعد "Cloud Paks" من IBM حلولاً سحابية نموذجية خفيفة الوزن، وشاملة على مستوى المؤسسة، تتضمن حاوية.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration за одну минуту

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration соединяет между собой приложения и данные, находящиеся в разных облаках, обеспечивает быстрое выполнение транзакций и передачу оповещений в реальном времени.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration一分鐘簡介

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration可連線多個雲端的應用程式及資料,提供快速交易和即時警示。

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Bir dakikada Çoklu Bulut Yönetimi için IBM Cloud Pak

Çoklu Bulut Yönetimi için IBM Cloud Pak, uygulamaları yönetirken daha fazla görünürlük, yönetim ve otomasyon desteği sunar.

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IBM Cloud Pak for Integration en une minute

IBM Cloud Pak for Integration connecte des applications et des données sur de multiples clouds et offre des transactions rapides et des alertes en temps réel.

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Cateina Technologies helps Century Cement implement a game-changing API solution

Cateina is a business partner working with their client, Century Cement in India. Cateina has helped Century to set up an integration infrastructure that connects legacy systems among their multiple…

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IBM Cloud Paks in 2 Minutes

IBM Cloud Paks are lightweight, enterprise-grade, modular cloud solutions, integrating a container.

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2分で分かるIBM Cloud Pak

IBM Cloud Pakは軽量でエンタープライズ・クラスの、モジュール型クラウド・ソリューションで、コンテナを統合したものです。

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